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29 April, 2016Print

Local Natives Share "Past Lives" - First New Song in Three Years

On the heels of a surprise, sold-out pop-up show last night at San Francisco's Popscene, Local Natives have shared their first new song in three years - "Past Lives". Performed last night for the very first time, “Past Lives” is now available to stream globally via Soundcloud on the band’s website. Listen here: http://thelocalnatives.com 


Local Natives’ Taylor Rice says of “Past Lives”:


The world is not static, it's made new over and over again. But we tend to live the same patterns in a loop, loving the same way, wrestling the same demons, the same dynamics playing out around us again and again. Untangling every moment and decision that led us to where we are now can make fate feel concrete, inescapable. But our world is not fixed, it's constantly reemerging, and we can change it into whatever we want.


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