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30 July, 2020Print

Loren Kramar Coalesces His Artistry With Our Current Climate To Create Visual Masterpieces

Loren Kramar Coalesces His Artistry With Our Current Climate To Create Visual Masterpieces

Visual Artist/Singer/Songwriter Announces Digital Live Show To Feature Special Guests

As with many artists today, LA-based singer songwriter Loren Kramar faced several obstacles during this limiting COVID climate, hindering his time making music, collaborating with fellow artists, performing live and more. Now, he is determined to not let the current pandemic get in the way of his creative process by today announcing his new song “Let’s Go To My House,” (produced and co-written by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor) which explores the art of dress up as a form of bonding between friends who struggle to navigate romance and intimacy, and a celebratory livestreaming release party performance on August 7th (streaming digitally via Baby TV, which happens to be the the iconic Brooklyn venue Baby’s All Right YouTube channel).

The Loren Kramar Presents: “Let’s Go To My House” Release Show will deliver a set of stirring originals and inventive covers, surprising guest performers (to be announced), and Loren’s “expressive voice, which sometimes sounds akin to a young Cat Stevens” (American Songwriter).

Loren stated, “for as long as I’ve lived on my own, racks of clothing and costumes have always existed front and center in my home. Ask any close friend of mine and they’ll tell you they’ve played dress up with me. This song was born out of observing the ways certain magnetic friends of mine failed at maintaining meaningful, romantic relationships. It was a way of acknowledging my own shortcomings with intimacy, as well. It’s a song about friendship and bonding over those struggles. Dressing up not only as a form of escapism but of compassion and healing.”

His “nuanced, engrossing, immersive” (CLASH Magazine) single “Cover Girl” dropped in June along with a video symbolizing how the public has resorted to our phones as a way to create a remote reality for ourselves during quarantine. He also is teaming up with photographer Evelyn Pustka for a collaborative forthcoming photo project that serves as a commentary on domesticity during COVID.

Loren Kramar is a visual and musical artist who studied painting and performance at one of America’s most prestigious art schools, Cooper Union. He had a major breakout in 2015 when Apple debuted his first single “My Life” during the unveiling of Apple Music at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Last year, he had a drawing show in New York with queer icons, McDermott & McGough. He’s also a frequent collaborator of avant-garde fashion brand Lou Dallas, performing a live soundtrack with John Carroll Kirby at her fashion show at NYFW in September. 



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