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23 March, 2016Print

LP recorded in 18th century cabin conjures Charleston spirit

Stop Light Observations' (SLO) 'Toogoodoo' out this year

Fueled by youthful exuberance and a love for their roots, Charleston's SLO will release 'Toogoodoo' later this year. On their new album, SLO explores the material trappings of modern life by juxtaposing gospel-inspired vocals with searing guitar riffs. The 12-song album vacillates between raw energy and intimate acoustics, calling to mind Kings of Leon and Cage The Elephant.

Tracks like "Security" flow with vocalist William Blackburn's comforting yet anthemic voice singing about the frills of society as he cheekily sings the hook of "two cold beers, a hot bitch, and security." SLO never lets you forget that, at their core, they are southern gentlemen raised on rock and gospel music in equal measure, with "Aquarius Apocalyptic" channeling 'It Still Moves' era My Morning Jacket. The opening track "Dinosaur Bones" builds with sparse guitar and synths, highlighting SLO's versatility. With Blackburn's rousing, stadium-sized voice and the band's raucous percussion and guitar playing, they are able to silence a room in one bar, and have it singing along the next.

Listen to "Dinosaur Bones" at Garden and Gun: HERE

'Toogoodoo' was recorded at Toogoodoo Bluff in the Low Country of South Carolina, an area known for its natural beauty. The songs were recorded live at the 300-year-old historic property and channel the stories and echoes of its picturesque setting.

SLO are festival circuit mainstays and have played Bonnaroo, Summerfest, CBGB Music & Film Festival, Firefly Music Festival, and SXSW. Indie Shuffle was "bewildered by their powerful sound and creative control" at SLO's live show at the SunFest Music Festival, and they have a fiercely loyal fan base, with the band breaking the record for most consecutive sellouts at The Music Farm in Charleston.

SLO is: William Blackburn (lead vocals), John-Keith "Cubby" Culbreth (piano/guitar/synth), Louis Duffie (lead guitar), and Luke Withers (drums). Living by the ethos of rock and roll - SLO is a manifestation of four brilliant musicians inspired to celebrate the opposing elements of darkness and light.


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