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14 August, 2020Print

Malik’s Violet Out Now

Malik’s “Violet” Out Now

Spectrum (Demo) Out August 21 Via No. I.D.’s ARTium Recordings


Last time, Malik was dunking in a spacesuit on the “Indigo” moon. Now the 24-year-old GRAMMY-winning Austin, TX producer and artist - the mind behind Ariana Grande’s “Better Off” and “Make Up” - is back with a new song, the latest color off his SPECTRUM (Demo) project, “Violet.” The new album by Malik (full name Brian Malik Baptiste) is an exploration of a lifetime through the colors of the spectrum, and “Violet” harkens back, figuratively and literally, to the hot anger of “Red,” yet a little older and wiser. 

Listen to “Violet”:

From Malik:

“The story comes full circle. The same melody that opens ‘Red’ opens ‘Violet’ but with new energy. Now with the wisdom and strength that I obtained through the journey, Iʼm able to face the same opposition I faced on ‘Red’ with confidence and newfound hope.”

Here’s a cheat sheet of all the released colors (so far) of SPECTRUM (Demo):

Red - Healthy anger

Orange - The hopeful reflection the morning after

Yellow - Sunny; a (self-)love song

Blue - A soft drift into the alternate universe - less talk, more listening

Green - Hectic, fast-paced, something to prove

Indigo - Blade Runner swagger

Violet - Healthy anger, now older and wiser

Austin Chronicle has already deemed SPECTRUM (Demo) “a singular effort written, recorded, mixed, and even mastered by its conceptualist,” and Pigeons & Planes called Malik’s music “a piece with much of the swung, post Sa-Ra soul that popped up on the internet in the height of the Tumblr era.” Malik also has worked with Earthgang, JID, Valee, Dreamville, and more, yet this new project is truly a solo endeavor - for him, a fun challenge. Malik already can confirm that he knows exactly what he’s going to do next after SPECTRUM (Demo) is released. Stay tuned.


SPECTRUM (Demo) tracklist:

1. Black

2. Red

3. Orange

4. Yellow

5. Green

6. Blue

7. Indigo

8. Violet

9. White


About ARTium:

ARTium Recordings is an American independent record label founded by No. I.D., the acclaimed producer and former Executive Vice President of Universal Music Group, and Izabelle Pourreza Wilson. Artists a part of the ARTium family include Common, Jhene Aiko, Vince Staples, Snoh Aalegra, and Cocaine 80s.


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