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4 May, 2022Print

Mandolin Launches "Venue and Promoter Network," Turning Livestreaming Shows into a Turnkey Process at 50+ Venues Nationwide

Program expands role of livestreamers: takes pressure off promoters, makes booking venues for live streaming easy and efficient

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50+ Venues hosting shows through the Venue and Promoter Network include: Basement East,Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, all City Winery Locations, The Cotillion, Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater, The Orpheum Theater New Orleans, Ryman Auditorium, Red Rocks Ampitheatre, SAP Center at San Jose, and Winter Circle Productions

Mandolin, the digital fan engagement platform that was just named the #1 Most Innovative Music Company by Fast Company, is expanding the idea of what a concert livestreamer can do with the creation of the Venue and Promoter Network. With the Network, Mandolin’s Artist partners now have access to an expanding list of participating venues and promoters where they can turn over the work of coordinating, promoting, and producing the livestreaming element of their concerts to Mandolin directly, effectively making Mandolin the end-to-end "promoter" of the livestream shows. 

Mandolin’s new program removes what has been a chokepoint for confirming livestreams: time consuming and often expensive coordination with venues, promoters, and their production teams. With the return of live music exhausting venue and promoter resources, they often lack the bandwidth to address these concerns on a per-show basis, let alone take on the job of booking, coordinating and promoting hybrid livestream events themselves.

The range of participants span east coast to west coast, from trendsetting clubs to top tier amphitheaters and arenas. The program will also give artists and managers who work with Mandolin the option to route a tour through streaming-enabled venues that have relationships with Mandolin via the Network, and profitably broadcast shows to their most dedicated fans. Recent data shows these streams are effectively reaching otherwise underserved fans - approximately 75% of stream purchasers hail from zip codes outside of states where the Artist’s tour stops.

Over fifty venues will feature shows streamed by Mandolin, including iconic spaces like Basement East, Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, all City Winery Locations, The Cotillion, Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater, The Orpheum Theater New Orleans, Ryman Auditorium, Red Rocks Amphitheat, and SAP Center at San Jose. Winter Circle Productions is also joining at a promoter level, a new twist on the previously venue-based model.


Check out what partners are saying below:

"Mandolin is a great partner. Their team is easy to work with, and they are always looking for the best ways to build and streamline efficiencies into partnerships that benefit everyone involved.”

- Chrissy Hall, Ryman Auditorium, Director of Concerts


"We love working with Mandolin. They give fans outside of our markets the opportunity to experience City Winery concerts from the comfort of home. Their live streams look and sound great and they really capture the thrill of the live music experience."

- Dan Conroe, Marketing Director @ City Winery


“The management team at SAP Center at San Jose takes great pride in being a pioneer in the sports and entertainment industries. This partnership with Mandolin continues to move SAP Center to the forefront of the digital age. We look forward to working closely with Mandolin on this truly unique program.”

- Stever Kirsner, VP of Booking & Events @ SAP Center


"After working with Mandolin on several streams in the past we were very pleased with their professionalism and attention to detail. We are excited to continue building new sources of revenue with them in the future."

- Scott Morrill, Owner/Talent Buyer @ Cervantes'


"The Basement East is excited to partner with Mandolin and bring our intimate club atmosphere and top notch sonic production to people around the world. We love working with our neighbors here in the East Nashville community, and Mandolin - holding offices right next door - is a perfect fit. Thanks for helping us Unleash The Beast to the globe!"

- Phil Simpson, General Manager @ The Basement East



Mandolin helps artists and venues create connections with fans and prosper through the music they produce. We intentionally push the boundaries of livestream, giving artists the right tools to create content, share it widely, and then better understand how fans engage. Mandolin gives artists the ability to build a digital strategy, all while giving fans unprecedented access to the artists they love. Mandolin Live+ digitally amplifies in-person shows; turning every live fan into a digital fan, opening up opportunities only available in the virtual realm, and helping artists deepen fan relationships through data. To learn more about how Mandolin is transforming the music industry through hybrid events, visit or FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. Brand Partnership Inquiries:


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