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14 January, 2022Print

Michaela Anne Carries the Mother-Daughter Bond Across Generations on Reinvention of Carole King’s “Child of Mine"

Watch the Nashville musician cover the 1970 lullaby in an intimate performance while nine months pregnant with her first child: https://bit.ly/3IcYDYv

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Michaela Anne returns today with a powerful interpretation of Carole King’s 1970 classic “Child of Mine.” Reimagined with strings and a higher key to allow her “captivating, stunning” (Billboard) voice to shine, Michaela brings a dream-like, hopeful spirit and a lifetime's worth of memories to the song, which was one of her own childhood favorites.  But “Child of Mine” took on a new meaning for Michaela in 2021 as she became pregnant with her first child, and her mother suffered a debilitating stroke. 

As her mother recovered in the hospital, Michaela leaned on the childhood lullaby for strength. “I wanted my mom to somehow know she had a lot to return to, a lot of reasons to fight to live and be well,” she says. “So I sang to her, every single day, all day. I sang her ‘Child of Mine’ over and over, like a prayer I hoped she could hear. I hoped it would will her back to life.” Now, with a five-month-old baby girl, Michaela Anne still sings "Child of Mine" every day. “When I took my daughter to visit my mom, I sang this song to her, as I do every day, holding her in my arms, rocking back and forth. My mom, still unable to walk or confidently move completely on her own, sat on the couch looking up at us. My daughter smiled and cooed in wonder the same way she always did but this time she wasn’t looking at me,” says Michaela. “This time she held her grandmother’s gaze the entire song.”

Watch Michaela Anne’s “Child of Mine” music video, filmed less than a week before her daughter’s due date, HERE

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“Child of Mine” follows Michaela Anne’s latest studio album Desert Dove, released on Yep Roc Records in 2019. The album was met with critical acclaim across the board: The New York Times lauded Michaela’s “alert emotional intelligence,” Stereogum praised her “casually commanding vocal lead,” Rolling Stone Country gave their stamp of approval on her “glassy quiver and introspective lyrical approach,” and Paste Magazine applauded Michaela’s “stunning voice [that] resembles the crystal-clear delivery of ’90s country stars like Trisha Yearwood and Deana Carter.”

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