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23 August, 2019Print

Platinum-Selling, Billions-Streaming Milky Chance Debut New Single + Video “Daydreaming” Feat. Tash Sultana



Today, Milky Chance — the platinum-selling, billions-streaming electronic pop duo from Germany, whose omnivorous and shape-shifting sound has taken them from teenaged songwriting experiments to world tours and television performances on Fallon, Kimmel, and Conan — release the video for “Daydreaming.” The track is the first single from their new album Mind The Moon, out November 15. 

Recorded with Australian-Maltese guitar phenom Tash Sultana, who the band linked up with while on tour in South America, ”Daydreaming” exemplifies the band’s eclectic style, pairing dream-pop atmospheres with reggae rhythms and a philosophical outlook. Says singer Clemens Rehbein: "It’s not just a daydream, it’s more like a vision of how things could be, and where you could go. It’s about those mechanisms that start working when you don’t know how to deal with reality."

Watch the video for “Daydreaming (feat. Tash Sultana)” — a surreal, psychedelic shaggy dog tale that’s “a mix of dream-pop attitudes and reggae beats” (FLOOD) — over at FLOOD Magazine:

Mind The Moon (produced by longtime collaborator Tobias Kuhn) is the third album from Milky Chance — childhood friends Phillipp Dausch and Clemens Rehbein — and serves as a distillation of their songwriting spirit. Pulling back from the layered, polyphonic approach of 2017’s Blossom — itself a change-up from the sleek minimalism of their breakout debut Sadnecessary, which produced the global smash “Stolen Dance” — Mind The Moon strikes an infectious balance of melody and atmosphere. The record’s many moods, from the pop-gospel fusion of Ladysmith Black Mambazo collaboration “Eden’s House” to the dancehall-steeped “Fado,” are a result of Dausch and Rehbein’s unique artistic relationship, and trace a lifetime of musical influences ranging from reggae and rock to hip-hop, electronica, gospel, and musical styles from around the globe.

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Dausch and Rehbein split the recording between their own studio, which they built and decked out in Kassel so they could focus on the music far from all the hype, and studios around the world. The recording sessions took place in exotic locales ranging from Australia, Italy, and Norway, where they were situated right by the water, just a few meters from the nearest fjord. The proximity to water echoes the title of the album, which venerates the moon and its incredible power to control the tide — a mysterious, ever-present force that is as distant as it is close.

More news about Milky Chance tracks from Mind The Moon and upcoming tour dates will be revealed soon.


Mind The Moon Tracklist

1. Fado

2. Oh Mama

3. The Game

4. Rush (feat. Témé Tan)

5. Long Run

6. Daydreaming (feat. Tash Sultana)

7. We Didn’t Make It To The Moon

8. Eden’s House (feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

9. Scarlet Paintings

10. Right From Here

11. Fallen

12. Window


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