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26 April, 2017Print

Mura Masa Announces Self-Titled Debut Album (out July 14)

New single - '1 Night' (featuring Charli XCX) - close to 10 million streams
'Mura Masa' Available for Pre-order Now:


Mura Masa has announced details of his much-anticipated, self-titled debut album, which will be released on July 14 (Anchor Point / Downtown / Geffen). 'Mura Masa' is available to pre-order now, and includes new single '1 Night' (featuring Charli XCX) which was playlisted on BBC Radio 1, nearly surpassing 10 million streams. Mura Masa performs at a number of US festivals this year, including FYF Fest, Panorama, and Lollapalooza with further headline live plans surrounding the album's release to come.

First teased during a breakout Coachella performance this month called "probably the single best set of the day" by Magnet (with eight album guests appearing alongside Alex), 'Mura Masa' is set to feature an extraordinarily diverse mix of collaborators: ranging from Damon Albarn, Christine & The Queens and Charli XCX to A$AP Rocky, Desiigner, Jamie Lidell, A. K. Paul, and affiliates of Alex's own Anchor Point family (like Nao, Bonzai and Tom Tripp). Prince-style wired funk sits next to trap with tropical-inflected house and acoustic balladry intertwined across the record. It's singularly Mura Masa's vision of what pop music should look like in 2017. Even the artwork rejects the idea of running to the page, or living in a box.

See photos from Mura Masa's explosive Coachella set with A$AP Rocky, Desiigner, Charli XCX and more on Rolling Stone:

Featuring acclaimed early singles "Firefly," "What If I Go?," "Love$ick" and "1 Night," 'Mura Masa' - says Alex - captures the confusion and chaos of being 20 and living in London for the first time. The trial and errors of youth are all here, but drawn together by the importance of togetherness, and the challenge to connect (however isolated your upbringing, messy your love life, or busy your city). Digging into a dizzying array of musical subcultures, at the center of it all is a young Guernsey, UK producer barely out of his teens, whose hard work and innate curiosity has led to the point of curating an album alongside lifelong heroes, cult figures, and emerging talent. The results are a work of coherence, variety, and vitality - it is, quite simply, 'Mura Masa'.

Mura Masa - 'Mura Masa'

  1. Messy Love
  2. Nuggets (feat. Bonzai)
  3. Love$ick (feat. A$AP Rocky)
  4. 1 Night (feat. Charli XCX)
  5. All Around The World (feat. Desiigner)
  6. give me The ground
  7. What If I Go (feat. Bonzai)
  8. Firefly (feat. Nao)
  9. NOTHING ELSE! (feat. Jamie Lidell)
  10. helpline (feat. Tom Tripp)
  11. Second 2 None (feat. Christine & The Queens)
  12. Who Is It Gonna B (feat. A. K. Paul)
  13. Blu (feat. Damon Albarn)

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