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12 May, 2022Print

Nataly Dawn Sings a Hymn of Acceptance: “Have You Heard”

Nataly Dawn Sings a Hymn of Acceptance: “Have You Heard”

Solo album Gardenview from the Pomplamoose vocalist due out June 3

Nataly Dawn’s brand new single “Have You Heard” emerged as the Berkeley-based singer-songwriter considered her religious upbringing through a kinder lens. As the daughter of missionaries, Dawn grew up loving hymns and the communal experience of singing with others. “Have You Heard” is a “bonafide hymn,” but with a reverberating message of unconditional acceptance. Dawn rejects the apocalyptic Rapture of her youth, choosing a tale of divine relief instead. With sweetly lilting and delicate vocals, “Have You Heard” is a bright-eyed benediction, a story of reconciliation with a God who loves you just as you are. Watch the “Have You Heard” performance video, out today: 

For more than a decade, Nataly Dawn has captivated global audiences as the lead vocalist of beloved indie-pop band Pomplamoose (a YouTube sensation with nearly 400 million views to date for their hyper-creative videos). On June 3, Dawn is set to release her new solo album Gardenview, a collection of 13 introspective tracks take listeners on an eclectic sonic journey of musical forms including the high-spirited folk hymn “Have You Heard,” McCartney-esque pop symphonies, and indie-rock-infused retellings of ancient Taoist fables. Gardenview was written as Dawn faced her many longtime demons, repeatedly turning to songwriting as a means of accessing joy, presence, and a deeper sense of peace. While centering on themes of gratitude and sometimes-painful self-reflection, the new album finds Dawn co-producing alongside her close friends Ross Garren (Bon Iver, Ben Folds) and John Schroeder (Marc Cohn, RuPaul). Mostly recorded live, with minimal overdubbing, the result is delicately sculpted yet deliberately unvarnished. Gardenview ultimately affirms Dawn as a truly singular and essential songwriting voice, wholly capable of delivering the kind of heart-expanding revelation that profoundly transforms the way we see the world.

Gardenview Tracklist:

Have You Heard

All Bad

Over the Moon



Follow The Light

Afternoon Tea

Every Second Day

The Only

 You Belong

 The Garden

 The Void

 Waking Up