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15 July, 2022Print

Nataly Dawn Unveils Gardenview (Immersive Edition)

Surround Sound Collection Produced by Anderson Audio NY out now:

"Nataly Dawn has a special power for interlaying intricate lyrical ideas against a backdrop of delicate, tender melodies and mesmerizing vocal tone."

- The Recording Academy


Today, Nataly Dawn transforms her latest solo project into an all-encompassing sonic experience with the release of Gardenview (Immersive Edition). The Pomplamoose vocalist teamed up with revered husband-wife production duo Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz (Anderson Audio NY) to create flawless 5.1.4 mixes of standout singles including “Danny,” “Joy,” and “Have You Heard.” Simultaneously vast in scope and intensely intimate (particularly in its foregrounding of Dawn’s beautifully understated vocal work), the captivating five-song anthology merges its immersive sound with Dawn’s tender contemplations on complex matters like self-sabotage, belonging, loss, shame, and the unending quest for the divine. The tracks were recorded mostly live to create an unvarnished feel, and the Immersive Edition highlights every element throughout the lush soundscape so listeners are magically teleported into the middle of the room with the band. Anderson and Schwarz’s use of immersive audio technology heightens the senses as they bring to life the “mesmerizing” (The Recording Academy) collection by Nataly Dawn and deliver a world-class, three-dimensional listening experience like never before.

Gardenview (Immersive Edition) is now available for streaming with spatial audio on Tidal, Amazon, and Apple Music (Dolby Atmos files). 

Listen here: 

*High-resolution download via HDTracks and Immersive Audio Album coming soon.

Last month, Dawn debuted her solo album Gardenview. The “beautiful, vintage, melancholic” (per NPR’s Guy Raz) collection emerged as the Berkeley-based musician turned away from Pomplamoose’s YouTube superstardom and toward her acoustic guitar as a means of peace and comfort. While hinting at an eclectic variety of musical influences - high-spirited folk hymns, McCartney-esque pop symphonies, indie-rock-infused retellings of ancient Taoist fables - Dawn shares what she’s learned so far in her ongoing struggle toward self-acceptance.

More on Nataly Dawn here

With more than 30 Grammy nominated recordings and a host of international awards and honors between their storied resumes, Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz of Anderson Audio NY stand as two of the most revered and cutting edge figures in the world of acoustic audio engineering and production. Since their marriage in 2015, the pair’s pristine, high definition stereo and surround sound recordings have been fixtures at the Grammy Awards and on critics’ Best Of lists ever since. While Schwarz often acts as producer and Anderson as engineer, the pair regularly reverse roles depending on the project at hand, and their versatility across genres and settings has proven unparalleled. In just the last few years alone, the two have garnered Grammy nominations with their recordings of contemporary Norwegian composer Gisle Kverndokk and American jazz stalwart Patricia Barber; captured the score for Shaka King’s critically acclaimed film Judas and the Black Messiah; collaborated with artists as diverse as Chinese vocalist Min Xiao-Fen and Pomplamoose singer/songwriter Nataly Dawn; and recorded Afro-Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s Grammy-winning collection Skyline, which took home the award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album in 2022. More on Anderson Audio NY and their “state of the art sonics” (The Absolute Sound) here.


Gardenview (Immersive Edition) Tracklist:

1. Danny

2. Joy

3. You Belong

4. Have You Heard

5. Follow the Light


Gardenview (Immersive Edition) Credits: 

Mixed at Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm, Ltd. Company, Marin County, California

Produced by Jim Anderson, Nataly Dawn

Engineered by Jim Anderson, Ulrike Schwarz, Dann Thompson

Mastered by Morten Lindberg, 2L Studios, Oslo, Norway



- Mixing Console: Neve 88R analog Mixing Console

- Merging Technologies Pyramix v14 DAW

- Merging Technologies Horus AD/DA interface

- Merging Technologies Clock U

- Essential Sound Products Music Cord Eloquence

- B&W 802 monitors


Release formats:

Auro 3D flac files (96/24) - hi-res download

ADM (Dolby Atmos) files for streaming on Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal

.mp4 (DD Atmos) files for video content for download


Connect with Nataly Dawn:

Website / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube