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25 March, 2024Print

Nehemiah Manufacturing Partners with Tim and Demi-Leigh Tebow for “Second Chances”

Video Series Launches Today (3.25) Ahead of National Second Chance Month in April 



Cincinnati-based Nehemiah Manufacturing, which is one of the country’s largest and most successful second chance employers, has partnered with Tim Tebow and Demi-Leigh Tebow to continue its mission of giving people opportunities to thrive in business and life. 

Led by Founder and CEO Dan Meyer, Nehemiah began in 2009 with a mission to offer second chances to people with criminal convictions, and 70% of its 250 employees have a criminal record. One in six Americans has a felony record, which can be like a scarlet letter when applying for a job. Nehemiah goes out of its way to bring those people in.

Nehemiah Manufacturing is a special place,” says Tim Tebow. “When we had the privilege and opportunity to go for the first time, that’s really what caught our eye and our heart. Meeting the people, hearing their stories and seeing the way they are treated. When we saw that, we thought that this was something we wanted to be a part of. Nehemiah sells product but more than that they give people a second chance.” 

Being part of the story of Nehemiah is so much more than being an ambassador for another company. It’s about a higher purpose, and that purpose is people,” adds Demi-Leigh Tebow. “To pour into them every single day and to say ‘I believe in you’ and will be walking side by side, hand in hand, alongside you.” 

This partnership holds a dear place in our hearts. Uniting us with Tim and Demi through shared visions and a profound desire to touch lives and make a difference one person, one day at a time.” says Nehemiah Manufacturing CMO Kristen Schumacher. “Together, we stand stronger, driven by the belief that our collective efforts can set the foundation for a legacy of meaningful impact. It's about lifting spirits and championing the cause of the unsung heroes among us, all through a purpose-driven, mission-driven approach that lies at the very core of our values. Having Tim and Demi join the Nehemiah family is a true honor and we're excited for all that's ahead!” 

Nehemiah discovered that second-chance hiring is not just a caring thing to do — it's good for business. Nehemiah’s annual turnover stands at 15% (well below the 38.5% average for consumer-products companies). Nehemiah's average tenure is 7+ years, in an industry where turnover is usually high. Second-chance workers move up in the company, with a number who started on the factory floor now in leadership roles.

The company's "second chance" program is the largest in the country; a case study on it is a required course at Harvard Business School's MBA program. There was a steep learning curve at first. When the program began, new hires might work for a few days or weeks, then disappear without notice. Nehemiah then had an ‘AHA’ moment and began hiring social workers to fully onboard and remove barriers for their family members beginning day one. Since then, Nehemiah has developed 8 pillars of support in order to provide holistic support. Those 8 pillars are: Spiritual Wellness, Financial Wellness, Health & Wellness, Continued Education, Building Community, Affordable Housing, Transportation and Legal Services. 

Their program's success has inspired others. Nehemiah founded the Beacon of Hope Business Alliance in 2016 when it realized it couldn't hire people fast enough, and wanted other companies to join them. Now, 80+ companies like Kroger and JBM Packaging have since followed Nehemiah's example. But no other company makes second-chance hiring as core a part of their business as Nehemiah.


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