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25 July, 2022Print

Nguyen Coffee Supply Announces First National Retail Partnership With Neighborhood Goods

(New York, NY) July 21, 2022— Nguyen Coffee Supply, America's first specialty Vietnamese coffee importer and roaster, announces first national retail & restaurant partnership with Neighborhood Goods, a new department store concept with a collection of ever-changing brands. Starting this summer, their Vietnamese coffee and Phin filters will be available to buy at all Neighborhood Goods locations, both in-store and online, and available to drink at Neighborhood Goods’ proprietary restaurants. Nguyen Coffee Supply will be the exclusive coffee roaster at Neighborhood Goods restaurants, offering Vietnamese cold brew & Vietnamese lattes made with Vietnamese arabica & robusta coffee beans.

Nguyen Coffee Supply Founder, Sahra Nguyen said, “We’re thrilled to bring the Vietnamese coffee experience to more people by entering our first multi-state cafe launch. As a digitally native brand,  we’re excited to connect with our community in-person at Neighborhood Goods.”

Earlier this year Nguyen Coffee Supply partnered with The Wing, a women-focused coworking space, offering coffee at all national locations. Additionally in June 2022, Nguyen Coffee Supply launched their 100% single-origin robusta beans from Vietnam in Whole Foods. 

On a mission to uplift the resilient robusta bean and bring Vietnamese coffee to the masses, Nguyen Coffee Supply continues to transform the coffee industry through diversity, sustainability, and cultural integrity.  Since 2018, Nguyen Coffee Supply has been a fierce advocate and champion of the resilient robusta bean. In addition to being a relatively unknown but delicious brew, robusta’s farming practices are more sustainable and utilize fewer pesticides. Its beans, higher in caffeine content, are lower in fats and sugars. Despite the coffee industry’s stigma against the robusta variety which excluded robusta farming communities from entering specialty coffee markets, Nguyen Coffee Supply set out to change the narrative, educate consumers and expand the coffee conversation to be inclusive of robusta. Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world (and the leading producer of robusta beans) and yet the nation has not played a significant role in specialty coffee culture—a sector estimated at $25 billion in the U.S.    

Nguyen Coffee Supply’s mission to build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable coffee trade has taken the industry by storm – leading to several monumental wins. In July 2021, Food & Wine featured founder, Sahra Nguyen, on the cover of their magazine as a “Game Changer” changing the industry. This systemic change will unlock a pathway for robusta farming communities around the world to also enter the specialty coffee market and elevate their livelihoods.  Nguyen Coffee Supply also recently published their first Sustainability Report and launched The Robusta Pledge, a global initiative to re-evaluate the inequities and biases within the coffee community and work towards building a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable coffee future. The Robusta Pledge has already received hundreds of signatures from people all across the coffee industry.

Nguyen Coffee Supply ships to customers in all 50 states and internationally to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, UK  and is available in restaurants and cafés in New York City, Washington D.C., Seattle, Kansas City, as well as at all The Wing locations nationally. It is also sold in Whole Foods, Fresh Direct, Gorillas, Say Weee!, and more.  Nguyen Coffee Supply can be enjoyed in a wide array of styles including the traditional  cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk & ice)  as well as the pour over, chemex, french press, drip, espresso and cold brew. Learn more at Nguyen Coffee Supply.

“With its organic & ethically sourced beans and team of female roasters, Nguyen Coffee Supply is setting the standard for locally-brewed specialty coffee. We're thrilled to partner with Nguyen Coffee Supply to bring their unique expertise in Vietnamese-style coffee to all three Neighborhood Goods stores and restaurants nationally,” said Christine Waters, Senior Manager, Brand Partnerships Neighborhood Goods.


About Nguyen Coffee Supply

Nguyen Coffee Supply is the leading authority for Vietnamese coffee culture in America importing via direct trade relationships and roasting in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2018 by 1st generation entrepreneur-activist Sahra Nguyen, the company's mission is to increase economic advancement for Vietnamese farmers through specialty coffee production, while building a diverse and inclusive coffee culture for all. Though primarily Direct-To-Consumer, the brand's unique coffees can be found in numerous restaurants and cafés in New York City, Washington D.C., Seattle, Kansas City and more.    Expanding upon the secular trend of Asian beverages in America, like matcha and boba tea, Nguyen Coffee Supply is pioneering the next wave of beverage culture with Vietnamese coffee.

About Neighborhood Goods

Neighborhood Goods is a new type of department store, featuring an ever-changing landscape of thoughtful, exciting, and contemporary brands, stories, and events. More than that, Neighborhood Goods strives to be a place for community, bringing people together to shop, eat, discover, and learn across their growing number of stores throughout the country.


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