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11 February, 2021Print

NOGA EREZ Shares End of the Road (Kids Against The Machine Vol. 4) Alternative Version

NOGA EREZ Shares "End of the Road (Kids Against The Machine Vol. 4)" Alternative Version

New album KIDS out March 26th via City Slang

Following the recent announcement of her new album 'KIDS' for March 26th release via City Slang, Noga Erez has shared an alternative version of her latest single, "End of The Road". The stripped-back reimagined live version continues the "Kids Against The Machine" series, following similarly styled reworkings of previous singles "VIEWS,” NO news on TV” and "You So Done". 

This time, it's a glorious, infectious version of “End of the Road,” showing the track in a different light to the beat-heavy, slick production of the original“The idea was not to use any ‘machines,’” Noga explains of the series. “No computer, no electronic instruments.”

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Building from the raw politics of her 2017 debut, ‘Off The Radar’, KIDS’ moves closer to home while retaining Noga’s signature smarts and swagger. Its earworms and crisp productions are locked around lyrics that deal with the personal and the political; mortality and loss; war and peace, insecurity and ambition.

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“These are songs about what we inherit from past generations, how we pass things on,” Noga explains about the upcoming LP“How this game of evolution of our culture and humanity is very much in our hands. We were all somewhat a blank page at some point. KIDS talks about humanity’s potential for both beauty and destruction.”

KIDS showcases Noga’s style, growing into a crisp bombastic sound she crafts with her creative and life partner, Ori Rousso. The new album explores themes of tension and release, anxiety and remedy, and masterly melodic licks in swipes of stomping brass, all wrapped around Noga’s versatile vocals that quick-switch from clipped flow to smoky purr; from stadium chorus to street-ready beats. 


KIDS tracklist:

1. KTD


3. VIEWS (ft. Reo Cragun and ROUSSO) 

4. You So Done 

5. End of the Road

6. Bark Loud

7. KIDS (feat. BLIMES)

8. Story (feat. ROUSSO)

9. Knockout

10. NO news on TV (feat. ROUSSO)

11. Fire Kites

12. Candyman

13. Switch Me Off



“Her music is clattering, confrontational and takes no prisoners." 






"crunchy and industrial" 



“striking and important” 






“fearless and fantastic.”



“sonic activist” 




Noga Erez burst onto the scene with her debut album ‘Off The Radar’ in 2017, winning acclaim across the globe. While the music she makes in collaboration with her partner and co-writer, composer, and producer Ori Rousso, exploits many of the more physical, dynamic elements of electronic & pop music, it also embraces a cerebral sensitivity that’s made her one of her home city’s most exciting, idiosyncratic artists. The grainy textures and potent atmospheres forged with her synths and ingenious beats bravely straddle genres. Her 2018 standalone singles “Bad Habits” and “Cash Out (feat. SAMMUS),” and 2019 collaboration with ECHO, “Chin Chin” saw her continuing to forge a path of uncompromising and unpredictable, gritty, truth-seeking alt-pop.




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