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28 February, 2018Print

NoMBe's debut album is a salute to women

"He’s a feminist and an ally to the #metoo movement, and all 18 tracks on his debut album… are dedicated to the powerful women who have shaped his life" writes i-D about electric soul upstart NoMBe. 

The Pharrell-endorsed LA artist is setting the bar high for men in music. In addition to working with an all-female team of creatives to work on his debut album, 'They Might've Even Loved Me,' NoMBe tours with a badass female band which includes some of the most talented musicians in LA. 

'They Might've Even Loved Me' is a concept album inspired by the women who NoMBe wouldn't be the same without, from his godmother Chaka Khan, to his middle school crushes, to summer flings, to his girlfriend to his mother. 

The top track on the album, "Man Up," tackles men's role in the fight against gender inequality, and explores the ironic contradictions of masculinity -- a message that hits home leading up to International Women's Day (March 8). 

Listen to "Man Up" and read NoMBe's take on the politics of male allyship:

NoMBe says: "I can't express the significance of International Women's Day enough. The varying opinions on equality can oftentimes be hard to grasp for the simple fact that we all come from a woman. The first comfort, first love and in my opinion only true unconditional love can only ever come from a mother. In light of this, I dedicate my last two years work and my album 'They Might've Even Loved Me' to the women in my life. We should all take this March 8 - and every other for that matter - as an appreciation of life and unity as people."