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7 November, 2012Print

O.A.R. Document Summer 2012 w/ 'Live on Red Rocks' CD and DVD

On November 19th, O.A.R. - "a self-assured band at the height of its creative powers" (M Magazine) - will release 'Live on Red Rocks' (Black Rock Recorded Music), a DVD and CD documenting its concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on July 15, 2012. The DVD features 'Standing on a Burning Hot Sun,' a 40-minute documentary of the band's 2012 'Summer Crush' Tour, which includes the previously unreleased track, "Inside Out." A nearly two-hour television program with highlights from the DVD (shot with 12 HD cameras) will air on AXS TV beginning November 11th. 

Fans of O.A.R. can pre-order the 'Live on Red Rocks' DVD and CD now, with the option to purchase an exclusive, limited edition 'Live on Red Rocks' t-shirt and poster. Fans that purchase the DVD will receive an instant download of a never before released field recording of "Not For Me," and those who pre-order the CD will receive downloads of two tracks from the July 15th show ("Ladanday" and "Road Outside Columbus"). 'Live on Red Rocks' is O.A.R.'s first live recording to include the horn section that has frequently performed with the band on their summer tours and select dates since 2011. 

"I'd never been to Red Rocks until we parked the bus at the bottom of a hill in 2007 and took our first long walk up the winding roadway that leads to the back of the greatest outdoor venue in the world," said Marc Roberge. "I remember after the show that night we all decided that one day we would make a live concert film in this place, on that stage, between rock walls, under the open sky."

Pre-Order here: http://bit.ly/VRiRIP

Continuing the band's mission of supporting youth and education programs in the U.S. and abroad, O.A.R. will host the 2012 Heard The World Benefit Concert on Friday, December 14, performing with a symphony orchestra for the first time, the Beethoven Found Philharmonic. Held at The Music Center at Strathmore in North Bethesda, Maryland, the event will benefit educational programs in Youngstown, Ohio, where O.A.R. saxophonist Jerry DePizzo was born and raised, as well as Beethoven Found's Tribute to the Wounded Warrior, which supports severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life.

Ticket purchasers for the Heard The World Benefit Concert will receive a free digital download of the evening's performance redeemable at LiveOAR.com. 

'Live On Red Rocks' Tracklist: 

Disc 1 
1. Dangerous Connection 
2. Program Director 
3. Shattered (Turn the Car Around) 
4. Here's to You 
5. Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes 
6. Heard the World 
7. Road Outside Columbus 
8. Woke Up An Uncle 
9. The Last Time 
10. To Zion Goes I 
11. The Wanderer 
12. Delicate Few 

Disc 2 
1. Love and Memories 
2. Mr. Moon 
3. Heaven 
4. Ladanday 
5. Irish Rose 
6. Black Rock 
7. That Was A Crazy Game of Poker 
8. I Feel Home 
9. War Song 
10. Hey Girl
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