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29 July, 2019Print

ODESZA’s Grand Finale For Their Inimitable ‘A Moment Apart’ Era

ODESZA’s Grand Finale For Their Inimitable ‘A Moment Apart’ Era

Celebrated With Two Shows at Los Angeles State Historic Park for 36k+ Fans

This past weekend (7.26, 7.27), ODESZA performed the final two shows of their A Moment Apart Tour at Los Angeles State Historic Park bringing their current creative era to a stunning celebratory conclusion in front of a combined crowd of 36,000 emotional fans. 

The A Moment Apart Tour Finale felt like a fitting chapter-closing for the Seattle duo of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight who over the past two+ years have taken their “regarded as legendary” (Billboard) live show across 25 countries, 33 states, and in front of 2,850,000+ fans (not including their top-level festival billings at Coachella, Panorama, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits).

ODESZA have become pioneers for how electronic music can be translated to a live stage set-up, with KEXP saying that the duo’s in-person performance is akin to “conducting a majestic symphony”, while Bob Lefsetz said in his Lefsetz Letter, of Friday night’s performance, “You could not take your eyes off the screens/stage, you didn't want to miss a thing.”

Pyrotechnics, fireworks and sci-fi inspired visuals (sometimes post-apocalyptic, sometimes arrestingly beautiful) were perfectly woven throughout the 90-min+ show, while Harrison & Clay were also joined on-stage by a roster of collaborators from their twice GRAMMY-nominated album ‘A Moment Apart’ -- artists who now feel like an extension of the ODESZA family: Naomi Wild, WYNNE, RY X, Paulina Reza (from The Chamanas), and Leon Bridges. 

Also in attendance were the now-staple ODESZA drumline, two horns, Foreign Family Collective member and guitarist Sean Kusanagi, and a four-piece string section that took the cinematic show from moments of full-throttle electronic bliss, to adrenaline-pumping primal moments, to heart-aching ethereal tranquility. 

In tandem with the finale live shows, last week ODESZA announced the limited edition ‘A Moment Apart’ Deluxe Box Set (via Counter Records) for preorder, which sold-out in under 24 hours. With only 1,000 copies made available, the box set is sure to become a collectors item capturing an inimitable and important moment in not only ODESZA’s career but in modern day music. 

The box set includes the original double-album plus a bonus LP of songs from ’A Moment Apart (Deluxe Edition)’, a 128-page hardcover book featuring never-before-seen photography from the making of the album through The Finale, and mini-posters from live show visuals and album art, all enclosed in a high-quality matte finish and spot-varnished outer box.

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