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24 August, 2017Print

Open Mike Eagle Unveils Incendiary Video “Brick Body Complex” From ‘Brick Body Kids Still Daydream

Open Mike Eagle Unveils Incendiary Video For "Brick Body Complex" From Forthcoming 'Brick Body Kids Still Daydream' LP Out Sept 15 / Mello Music Group


Open Mike Eagle has unveiled a second song from his forthcoming LP ‘Brick Body Kids Still Daydream,’ (September 15/Mello Music Group). The video for the track, “Brick Body Complex,” has been premiered via NPR Music.

Read more about ‘Brick Body Complex’ from NPR Music here:

Watch/share ‘Brick Body Complex’ on YouTube here:

‘Brick Body Complex’ is a powerful statement made through incensed verses and potent visuals. It introduces the character of “Iron Hood,” a super-powered protector of Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes, a public housing project that displaced thousands of residents when it was torn down a decade ago. In this video, Iron Hood, played by Open Mike Eagle, leaps into action against a mysterious masked villain representing the forces of gentrification.

“On ‘Brick Body Complex,’ Open Mike Eagle fuses the source and its voice, literally becoming the building as he delivers a defiant blues... Both the song and Eagle's fifth solo LP comprise an ambitious attempt to deconstruct and examine a warped mythology that reduces housing project residents to violence-prone, drug-addled subhumans.” – NPR Music

The video marks the second installment of “Dark Comedy Television,” a music video theme conceptualized by Open Mike Eagle. Each video from ‘Brick Body Kids Still Daydream’ is formatted as a television show called Dark Comedy Prime News on a cable network programmed by Mike himself.

 The first single, “95 Radios (feat. Has-Lo),” was hailed as “an instant classic” by VICE Noisey. Watch “95 Radios (feat. Has-Lo)” here:

‘Brick Body Kids Still Daydream’ was just called Open Mike Eagle’s “most accomplished [album] yet” by New York Magazine in their fall preview that ran this week.


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  1. Legendary Iron Hood
  2. (How Could Anybody) Feel At Home
  3. Hymnal Feat. Sammus
  4. No Selling (Uncle Butch Pretending It Don’t Hurt)
  5. Happy Wasteland Day
  6. Daydreaming In The Projects
  7. Brick Body Complex
  8. TLDR (Smithing)
  9. Breezeway Ritual
  10. Wedding Ghosts
  11. 95 Radios (feat. Has-Lo)
  12. My Auntie’s Building



9/15 – Dallas, TX – RBC

9/16 – Houston, TX – The Secret Group

9/17 – Austin, TX – Barracuda

9/20 – Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon

9/21 – Detroit, MI – Marble Bar

9/22 – Chicago, IL – Schubas Tavern

9/23 – Ames, IA – Maintenance Shop

9/24 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry

9/26 – Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory

9/27 – Washington, DC – Black Cat Backstage

9/28 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East Upstairs

9/29 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie

9/30 – Portland, ME – Waking Windows

10/5 – Seattle, WA – Barboza

10/6 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir

10/7 - Hood River, OR - Underground Music Station

10/18 – Atlanta, GA – Aisle 5

10/19 – Raleigh, NC – Kings Barcade

10/21 – Cincinnati, OH – Chameleon

10/23 – Phoenix, AZ – Valley Bar

10/24 – San Diego, CA – The Casbah

10/25 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo

10/26 – San Francisco, CA – Independent

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