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28 March, 2023Print

Qobuz: The Classical Lover’s Music Streamer Since 2007

Since its founding in 2007, Qobuz, the Paris-based Hi-Res music streaming and download service, has put a special emphasis on super-serving the classical music community. From day one, Qobuz has offered classical music fans exclusive content, classical music-centered curation, editorial, playlists, and more. As it has evolved from its French roots, through its 2019 launch in the US as our country’s first-ever 24-bit Hi-Res streamer, and through to today as it expands into its 26th country (Canada) worldwide, Qobuz has maintained this specialty.

The LA Times’ classical critic Mark Swed once said Qobuz’ immersive experience for classical music fans made it “the greatest record store that has ever existed.” Here’s how Qobuz superserves its classical music community:

** Providing the most, and best-sounding variety of classical compositions (for fans who really care how their music sounds): classical music represents a full 19% of Qobuz’ Hi-Res catalog

** Within Qobuz’ best-in-class editorial catalog, more than 900+ articles and interviews on or about classical music are featured. Nearly half of all of Qobuz’ exclusive editorial reviews are of classical music albums.

** The best metadata, for listeners who use it most: Classical music listeners are often looking for a specific performance, in a specific year, from a specific orchestra - and Qobuz’ extremely rich metadata (full album credits, PDF booklets) makes it easier than anywhere else to search for and find exactly what they're looking for.

** Year-over-year increase in genre emphasis (building off an already strong focus): in the last two years, the number of Qobuz’ playlists featuring classical music have increased by 41.91%

** Partnerships with five global classical music labels, and an exclusive recording and release done with musicians on the avant-garde neo-classical label Mercury KX


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