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22 May, 2012Print

Raitt's New Single "Rules" Radio

Bonnie Raitt's new single "Used to Rule the World" is already a smash, tearing up radio nationwide. The "witty, funky" (USA Today) song is the second hit single from 'Slipstream' (Redwing Records), Raitt's best-selling, highest-debuting album in nearly two decades, totaling six-figure sales numbers only a month after its #6 Billboard 200 entry. 

Listen to "Used the Rule the World" -- what NPR Music's Ann Powers calls "a sidelong glance at the American Dream" -- now:http://soundcloud.com/bonnie-raitt/used-to-rule-the-world-radio 

Hear Raitt discuss how "that James Brown funk" drew her to record the song: http://soundcloud.com/bonnie-raitt/bonnie-raitt-audio-on 

Watch her "hard-hitting" performance of "Used to Rule the World" at Jazz Fest: http://youtu.be/9fhwvVXO1_E 

Buy Slipstream: 

Bonnie Raitt on the Web: 
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