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19 October, 2021Print

Real Estate Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Breakout Album, Days

Real Estate Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Breakout Album, Days

New Cover of Television's "Days" Out Today:


Fall Tour Includes Tribute Performances of DaysIn Its Entirety, Tickets On Sale Now


Today, Real Estate celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their breakout album, Days, with a special tribute to the Television song that helped inspire its sound, style and title. Listen to their first-ever cover of "Days" here: 

Originally released on October 18th, 2011, Days was Real Estate's second album; a suburban-bred coming-of-age story that changed their trajectory, and cemented songs like "It's Real," "Green Aisles" and "Easy" into the canon of indie rock music. "Its coherence sounds remarkably effortless," Pitchfork praised, when granting Days the designation of Best New Music. "As if stringing together catchy gems is as easy as, in the words of one song, 'floating on an inner tube in the sun.'" While critics initially drew comparisons to the likes of The Beach Boys, Byrds, R.E.M., Fleetwood Mac and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, it was an overlooked Television track that even devout fans might be surprised to learn held the most influence on the band. 

Real Estate bassist and founding member Alex Bleeker explains, "The shrewd, completist bootlegger will always remember 6/30/2011 as the day that we debuted the album Days live in its entirety at 285 Kent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Back then Domino Park, across the street, was still a dilapidated sugar warehouse, and our unreleased sophomore album didn't yet have a name. Real heads (or as we like to call them, 'agents') might also recall that this show was a release party for the new 33 1/3 book recounting the history of Television's Marquee Moon. Somewhere in the introduction to that volume author Bryan Waterman declared that even though the song 'Days' was on Television's often overlooked second record, it provided a blueprint for all of the melodic guitar-based indie rock that would soon follow in its wake.

We were of course huge fans of that tune, this was in fact our second record, and we saw ourselves humbly as the torchbearers of that tradition. So the story goes like this - we were on tour, sitting in our fire engine red Dodge Ram 2500 somewhere along the I-95 when someone in the band read that sentence aloud, and said, 'why don't we call the album Days?' As I recall, nobody loved it, but more importantly, nobody hated it and it stuck. It's true, this now decade-old album is named after this fantastic, underappreciated Television tune, which was a joy for us to cover and record for you after all these years."

This fall, Real Estate will continue to honor the milestone on their first tour in more than two years. The run of dates begins Nov 3rd, and will culminate in a series of 10th Anniversary Shows at their native New Jersey's Anchor Rock Club on Nov 20th, Brooklyn Made on Nov 22nd-23rd, and San Francisco's August Hall on Dec 15th, all featuring a performance of Days from front to back, backed by new drummer Sammi Niss. Additional stops include Levon Helm Studios and more listed below, with support from Kate Bollinger, Liquor Store and Juan Waters. Find tickets HERE

In the absence of touring, Real Estate released Half a Human EP this past spring, which has brought the band into its next era following 2020 album The Main Thing. Both records were produced by longtime collaborator Kevin McMahon, whose work with Real Estate dates back to the five patient months they spent together in a New Paltz barn, recording what would become Days

Praise for Days

"Cleaner, sharper, and stronger than the quartet's excellent 2009 self-titled debut, Daysis like a single idea divided into simple statements. No note feels wasted, and nothing happens at the wrong time or in the wrong place"

Pitchfork, Best New Music (8.7/10)


"Real Estate has lifted its sound out of the haze and, by extension, out of the pool of its peers. These songs have a narrow, taut language, one the band is interested in perfecting"

The New York Times


"A tone of wistful, rose-colored nostalgia...These sun-dappled gems recall comforting classics from countless eras, in the process calling to mind both bucolic settings and the confused, hopeful youth that made those places sing out in the first place"

NPR Music


"Real Estate unspool pretty reveries tinged with enough guilt and confusion to keep them honest. The music runs smooth like passenger-seat leather, with buttery harmonies, strummy melodies and warm-glow reverb softening all edges"

Rolling Stone 


"Few contemporary rock albums feel as American as Days. This music comes from a place where Exxon station canopies glow like beacons in the boredom...a graceful bundle of songs, with Real Estate stitching suburban anxiety into its music so elegantly you can't see the needlework"

Washington Post 


"The bruised, bottomless beauty of Days suggests that growing up hasn't always been easy for Real Estate. But these songs will nourish those going through similar changes for years to come"

AV Club ("A")


"Instant nostalgia for an angst-free generation"



"What makes Days so strong is, in a sense, subtle, but it's also immediately clear from the opening notes of 'Easy'...It's the crispest and maturest thing Real Estate has done, to date"



Real Estate Tour Dates

11/3 - Buffalo, NY - Asbury Hall at Babeville*

11/4 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom*

11/5 - Ferndale, MI - Loving Touch*

11/6 - Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme*

11/7 - Madison, WI - High Noon*

11/9 - Bloomington, IL - Castle Theatre*

11/10 - Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue*

11/11 - Louisville, KY - Zanzabar*

11/12 - Lexington, KY - The Burl (Outdoor Show)*

11/13 - Columbus, OH - Skully's Music Diner*

11/14 - Pittsburgh, PA - Thunderbird Music Hall*

11/16 - Hamden, CT - Space Ballroom*

11/17 - Portsmouth, NH - 3S Artspace*

11/18 - Holyoke, MA - Gateway City Arts*

11/19 - Woodstock, NY - Levon Helm Studios*

11/20 - Atlantic City, NJ - Anchor Rock Club^+

11/22-23 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Made^#

12/15 - San Francisco, CA - August Hall^%


*w/ Kate Bollinger

^Days 10th Anniversary Show

+w/ Liquor Store

#w/ Juan Waters

%An Evening with Real Estate (2 Sets)


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