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28 June, 2019Print

Red Dot 2019 Exhibition

The Art Students League Presents an Exhibition of Outstanding Student Works 

(New York, NY): Eighty-five students from The Art Students League’s annual Concours Exhibitions received the highest mark by jurors and will present their winning works projects in a public exhibition in The Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery. 

Exhibition Dates: July 3-17, 2019
Opening reception: July 9, 2019, 6-8 pm

Since the annual class Concours Exhibitions began at The Art Students League in the early 1900’s, every week, one outstanding student work from each exhibiting class has been awarded a “red dot” by a juror. These shows are held on a weekly basis in the League’s gallery from January through May each year. The jurors are selected artists and instructors from The Art Students League who make their selection solely based on the quality of the work.

The Red Dot Exhibition presents these selected works as an exciting start of the artistic career of each of these talented students. The tradition of the concours (French word meaning “competition” or “examination”) express a long-standing commitment to French atelier practices. As these practices were applied in America and specifically at The Art Students League throughout the twentieth century, the function of the concours has shifted. Today the exhibitions retain a significant competitive aspect with red dots being awarded to the strongest works, but the shows have evolved into a community-oriented activity that represents a range of artistic styles.


Artists in the exhibition:
Mark  Araujo and Jamie Kim, Bettina  Barbier, Niamul  Bari, Jordan  Barnes, Karen  Beckhardt, Linda  Berti Bonforte, Nia  Bey, Lucas  Bononi, Lucas  Bononi, Ezra  Bookstein, Marc  Bratman, Barbara  Brocklebank, Monika  Camillucci, Oak  Chi Lee, Frank  Chiodo, Woon Joung  Choi, Alfred  Colella, Agnes  Collins, Remy  Cordeta, Tomas   Daskam, Francine Dolores  Del Re, Santino  Di Renzo, Shaina   Donner, Suzanne  Drapeau, Andrew  Drilon, John  Eiche, Gail  Eisenfeld, Julia  Elizandro, Melissa  Frost, Christine   Galvez, Julie  Garfield , Julie  Garfield , Richard Goldman, Gaia  Grossi, Douglass  Guy, Douglass  Guy, Miho Hiranouchi, Kumi  Hirose, Leah  Jacobs, Nora  Katz, Hyejin  Kim, Patrice  Kirkinis, Marina  Korenfeld, Steve  LaMorte , Chi Shing Benny  Leung, Theodore  Leung, Evelyn  Lewis, Christopher  Lodin, Jonathan  Lopatin , Christopher  LoPresti, Mary Jo  Matsumoto, Roy  Mendl, Maria  Montoya, Ana-Maria  Morar, Eliot Scott  Moses, John  Mullaly , Moshe  Nakash, David  Noven, Laurel  Nyeboe, Margaret  O'Keefe, Andrea  Packard, Anita  Pearl, Colleen  Pike Blair, Mary  Poerner, Anna  Rabinowitz, Kostiantyn Rudnichenko, Yasser  Sabra, William  Schuppman, Melissa  Selcow, Eva  Seltzer, Ella  Sherman, Nancy  Smith, Elaine  Thomas, Patricia  Van Ardoy, Liangzi  Wang, Donald Ward, Joyce Ellen  Weinstein, Susan  Weintraub, Virginia  Wolff, Michael  Wyetzner, Yuko  Yamaguchi, Kenny  Young, Michael  Yurick, and Vladimir  Zlotskiy

About The Art Students League of New York: 

The League was founded in 1875 by students breaking away from the National Academy of Design. That independent spirit remains at The League today, where students pursue their work unconstrained by dogma, politics or burdensome tuition. We educate students in the language and process of making art in an environment where anyone who wishes to pursue arts education can realize his or her full potential. The League fulfills this mission by offering affordable, high-quality education and instruction in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and assemblage. Artists who have studied at the League include Georgia O'Keeffe, Norman Rockwell, Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, Louise Bourgeois, Alexander Calder, James Rosenquist and Ai-Weiwei, among others.


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The Art Students League of New York
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