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17 September, 2021Print

Rising Star Kyle Dion’s New Bold, Unfiltered Album Sassy Out Today

Rising Star Kyle Dion’s New Bold, Unfiltered Album Sassy Out Today




“Pitch-perfect falsetto” 

— Rolling Stone


“just one of my many, many good recommendations” 

— NPR Music


“an elegant falsetto that could soften the hardest of hearts” 

— Pitchfork


“will give you goosebumps”

— The Fader


“The best singer in LA” 

— DJ Booth


"quirky and eccentric”

— Okayplayer 


Today, LA-based singer-songwriter and boisterous rising star, Kyle Dion, releases ‘SASSY,’ his bold, unfiltered new album via AWAL. The new record marks a new era for the “rising star” (PAPER) as he sheds his melancholy in favor of more bright and buoyant tunes. Inspired by his time touring and exploring international territory in support of his debut album 2019’s SUGA, the upcoming project is bold, unfiltered, and flaunts an unleashed sound with a “no rules” mission statement.

Listen to SASSY here: https://kyledion.ffm.to/sassy

“I made SASSY because it was how I was feeling during this time of my life,” Kyle shares about the record. “I wanted to do something that was risk taking and wanted to challenge what people expected of me. This album is something that I feel anyone can relate to. I named it SASSY because the album embodies that attitude and has a lot of back-talk, big mouth vibes. At times it’s narcissistic, but also it was fun expressing myself however I want without any repercussions.”

To create an effective turn-up record, Kyle needed to access sides of his personality he hadn’t explored before musically. Once he loosened up and became comfortable laughing at himself and the process, in part due to his light-hearted relationship with album collaborators, producers, and friends Chris Hartz (Childish Gambino) and Bijou Choder (Brasstracks), he found the sound of the album, a joyous and exclamatory soundtrack to better times. Whether it’s going outside for the first time in a year-plus or greeting your friends and staying out all night for renewed camaraderie, SASSY is an anthem for the world to come. 

“People are ready to have fun,” says Dion. “Nobody wants to be sad as hell anymore — we already did that.”

SASSY Tracklist 

1. No Rules 

2. Parmesan

3. Fix Vision ft. Chanel TRES

4. I Could Be Your Girlfriend

5. Money 

6. Purr ft. Kari Faux

7. Cookie 

8. Fault Lines

9. Placebo ft. Ja Rule

10. Comfortable 

11. Kiss Me Back

12. Good Bye 

13. Drip ft. Duckwrth

14. Pink Mink

15. Mad! 

16. BIM 

17. Appetite 

Recently Kyle released the album’s lead single ‘Parmesan’ with a bold, flirtatious visual that sees the singer-songwriter acting unapologetically himself. Spanning disparate scenes, the video solidifies Kyle as a master of many mediums. Kyle worked alongside creative team, The Reggies (Dillion Francis, Dave Chappell, Paris Hilton) to craft a “sassy” video. 

Watch “Parmesan” here: https://youtu.be/H-IEyZj95kw

Previously released tracks from SASSY include “Placebo” featuring rap icon Ja Rule, “Money” and “Purr” featuring Kari Faux, who Pitchfork calls a “clever rapper-singer who won’t be defined.” 

Watch the “Placebo” ft. Ja Rule Visualizer Here & Read More Via Rolling Stone

Watch “Purr” ft. Kari Faux Here & Read More Via PAPER

Watch “Money” & Read More via Billboard

Kyle Dion will return to the stage for his first performance post-quarantine on September 22nd for a showcase at Brooklyn’s iconic venue Elsewhere: The Rooftop. DJ Booth calls Dion “the best singer in LA” while Rolling Stone praises Dion’s “pitch-perfect falsetto” which shines brightest on stage. The sure-to-be ground-breaking performance will also showcase the live debut of SASSY in its entirety.  

Purchase Tickets herehttps://link.dice.fm/ibvuUDXyqib


A boisterous rising star with a bright falsetto and golden pen, Kyle Dion can’t stay put. After releasing his heartfelt ode to traditional R&B, SUGA, in 2019, he couldn’t help but expand his talents and set his eyes on creating a classic turn-up album. Playfully rapping and exuding even more bold confidence, Dion is reinventing himself in the next chapter of his career, showing off the fullness of his personality by throwing out any and all rulebooks. Racking up 65M cumulative streams across platforms, the proudly independent artist possesses a soul from another era and creates a sound refreshing to any generation (he’s From the small community in Florida where he grew up to effervescent Los Angeles, where he’s worked with artists like Kehlani, Kali Uchis, and PartyNextDoor, Dion is blazing a unique path.









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