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26 October, 2020Print

Royalty Exchange Introduces ‘Direct Listings’

New “self-service” feature gives artists seeking investors more control and convenience

Royalty Exchange, the online music royalty marketplace, is introducing "Direct Listings" today, a self-service feature that lets any artist find an investor for their catalog at their own price and convenience.

With Direct Listings, artists will list their catalogs directly on the Royalty Exchange marketplace. They simply provide information about their catalog, set an asking price, and publish. Once listed, the world’s largest community of music investors can review each catalog and make offers to artists directly. Artists can review offers as they come in, and accept or reject them as they like.

Direct Listings offer an alternative to the auctions Royalty Exchange is known for as they give the artist direct control of the final price of the transaction. These listings can also be posted to the market faster than a typical auction and there is no time limit for investors to make their offers. 

“I'm always interested in disruptive platforms, and Royalty Exchange is disrupting the status quo in a way that's empowering to all artists” explains partner Anthony Martini.

While big funds focus their attention on the top 1% of the music business, Royalty Exchange offers a solution for the other 99%. In the first month of testing the feature, Direct Listings featured music performed by the likes of Drake, Rihanna, and Enrique Iglesias, among others. But unlike the big catalog deals you read about in the press, these listings benefitted not the performer, but the behind-the-scenes songwriters and producers too often overlooked in today’s catalog sales boom. 


Get more details about Direct Listings from the company’s blog post below: 

Introducing Direct Listings—Giving Artists More Control Over Their Catalog


About Royalty Exchange

Royalty Exchange is using the power of markets to unlock the value of ideas that enrich the human experience. Our online marketplace for buying and selling royalties provides much-needed transparency to both creators and investors alike. Creators use our marketplace to fuel their artistic freedom and gain financial security, while investors come to find yield-generating assets uncorrelated from public markets. 

Originally founded in 2011 and privately held, Royalty Exchange is based in Denver, CO. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.