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25 September, 2020Print

Sango’s Da Rocinha 4 — A Love Letter To Rio De Janeiro Funk Carioca — Out Today Via Soulection Records

Sango’s Da Rocinha 4 — A Love Letter To Rio De Janeiro Funk Carioca — Out Today Via Soulection Records

Listen to the album HERE

hard-to-sit-still-to sound” - V Man


Today, Seattle DJ and producer Sango releases his new album ‘Da Rocinha 4’ via Soulection Records. The fourth and latest entry in Sango’s acclaimed Da Rocinha series pays homage to Funk Carioca while adding his own spin on North American Hip-Hop, R&B, House, and Techno, as well as Funk Ostentação, Brega Funk, and even Samba. The album features an all-star cast of collaborators, including Jé Santiago (watch "Flack Jack" w/ Recayd Mob), SD9, VHOOR, Luccas Carlos, Jao, Nill, and more.

Listen/share Da Rocinha 4 HERE:

“I’ve always been a person of culture through connecting dots and bridging gaps,” Sango says about the project. “With the Da Rocinha series, it is about highlighting the history of Funk Carioca and paying homage to the creation of the funk sound. With this fourth installment, I wanted to reach out to the community of Rocinha, local areas in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil to give and receive support while I push this North American & South American sound.”

Here’s Sango on the project in Portuguese: “Eu sou uma pessoa que acredita que a cultura aproxima e gera conexões. A serie Da Rocinha destaca a historia do funk carioca, homenagenado as raízes da sonoridade ‘’Funk’’ com este quarto álbum quero abordar a comunidade da rocinha, outros locais do Rio De Janeiro e do Brasil. O objetivo é promover uma troca de apoio entre o som da america do norte/ america do sul. Sou simplesmente o mensageiro, apenas quero ajudar a criar uma nova sonoridade que é essência do Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Techno, Funk carioca, Funk ostentação, Brega Funk e até o Samba. "Da Rocinha" é do povo, para o povo.”

Previously released Da Rocinha 4 single, “Kalimba Funk,” is a mellow gem that blossoms from Sango’s love of backstage jam sessions, afrobeat, and Baile funk. “Quanto Tempo,” the project’s second single, explores the transition of summer to fall in a swirl of color. 

The Da Rocinha series, which began in 2012, is a loving deep dive into the music of Brazil’s favelas (slums). Specifically, the series focuses on Rocinha, the largest favela in Brazil located right near Rio de Janeiro that is credited as the birthplace of Baile (Carioca) funk, one of Sango’s biggest influences on his own music. He calls the series, “From the people, for the people.”

Read more about the Da Rocinha series through OkayPlayer (Vol. 3) and Remezcla (Vol. 2)

In August, Sango released his SANGOZINHO EP, highlighted by FADER in its weekly roundup of the 10 songs you need in your life: “Da Rocinha 4 isn't even out yet but Sango is determined to keep us sweating.” Also, earlier this year Sango released the collaborative Fufu & Grits EP with Juls, one of modern Afrobeat’s most prolific creatives:



The Seattle DJ and producer, born Kai Asa Savon Wright, has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Washington Post, FADER, VICE, Highsnobiety, and more. Producing since he was 12, Sango channels everything from heady jazz to heartfelt gospel, jittery club to combustible baile funk, uncanny future-bass to mellow trap-soul. He’s produced songs for Tinashe, Bryson Tiller, DRAM, Smino, Dave B, and more.



Since 2011, Soulection has been a cornerstone of creativity for innovative musicians, crate-digging DJs, and open-minded fans from across the world. What began as an independent radio show has since blossomed into a global community of artists and audiences, united in a borderless, genre-bending, musical movement. Over the past nine years, their grassroots expansion is a model of what happens when one stays true to their roots in the constantly evolving digital age of music. From putting out independent releases with producers like Ta-ku, Sango, Dpat, and Atu on Bandcamp to being the first collective invited to play Coachella, Soulection’s growth has been organic and fruitful.