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15 May, 2020Print

Sarah Jarosz’s Ten-Year High School Reunion Inspires “Maggie” From Her New Album World On The Ground (June 5 / Rounder Records)

“Maggie” Highlighted This Week On Npr’s “Daily Breather” And Consequence Of Sound “Origins”



Sarah Jarosz has shared “Maggie” from her forthcoming album World On The Ground, and the last preview of the album before its June 5 release on Rounder Records. Inspired by Sarah’s recent return to her Texas hometown of Wimberley (pop. 2,626) for her ten-year high school reunion, “Maggie” explores a conversation she had with an old friend that night, who confessed that despite feeling stuck in Wimberley, she just couldn’t seem to find a way out. Slow-burning and soul-stirring, “Maggie” conveys a profound message of empathy and courage from the three-time GRAMMY winner.

Listen to “Maggie” and pre-order World On The Groundhere:

"The song kind of poured out of me after that experience,” Jarosz told Consequence of Sound’s Ben Kaye. “Towards the tail end of the reunion, I wandered outside to a back patio and found an old childhood friend, Maggie, who I hadn’t seen since 8th grade. She was asking about my travels as a musician, and I was probably complaining about the fact that I’m never in one place for very long, and she said something like ‘That’s all I want. I want to travel. I want to see the world.’ It stuck with me. This song is about having compassion for someone who doesn't have the means to get out of their circumstances but still has the dreams."

Read more about the Origins of “Maggie” via Consequence of Sound:

Sarah is also the latest contributor to NPR Music’s Our Daily Breather series, where artists discuss what’s helping them get through these days of isolation:

“Maggie” is the third advance track from the upcoming album World On The Ground, produced by multi-time GRAMMY winner John Leventhal (Rosanne Cash, Elvis Costello). It follows the “timely and tantalizing” (Rolling Stone) lead single “Johnny” and the “gorgeous, pitch-perfect” (American Songwriter) “Orange and Blue.


World On The Ground Tracklist:


Pay It No Mind



Orange and Blue

I’ll Be Gone


What Do I Do

Empty Square

Little Satchel


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