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9 June, 2021Print

Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East Announce Opening of Teddy & Bear Toy Store

Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East Announce Opening of Teddy & Bear Toy Store

The East Family expands their beloved Teddy & Bear brand by opening a toy store full of magical toys, games and fun.

The East Family announces today the opening of the Teddy & Bear Toy Store, an exciting new chapter for their Teddy & Bear children’s brand. The Toy Store will include all kinds of toys, games, art supplies and children’s items chosen by the brand’s beloved eight characters and approved by Shawn, Andrew and baby Drew.

As proud parents to baby Drew and expectant parents to a new baby boy, Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East know how rare it is for parents to find a one-stop shop for all the play supplies required to create a magical, fun and educational environment for their children. The Teddy & Bear Toy Store launches with a collection of high-quality children’s toys that inspire, teach, create wonder and spark growth. They’re also so, so much fun.

Shawn and Andrew have spent countless hours curating their favorite picks for their family. Parents can trust that the unique brands sold within the store, brands such as Wonder & Wise and Tender Leaf Toys, have been tested and approved for both quality and fun by baby Drew.

“Teddy & Bear brings so much magic and fun into our busy lives, and has come to mean something very special to Drew” said Shawn. “We wanted to create an entire magical store that parents can go to for toys, gifts, and everyday fun.”

“Plus,” added Andrew. “We had a ton of fun curating all the amazing toys, games, art supplies and puzzles!”

The Teddy & Bear Toy Store will also include three new Teddy & Bear custom products; two puzzles illustrating a few of the Teddy & Bear characters’ crazy adventures and a coloring book full of The Crew’s best memories for little hands to illustrate.

To explore this magical store and to learn more about the original, adorable Teddy & Bear sock crew, visit today.


About Teddy & Bear:

Inspired by their quest to make the most of every moment with Drew, Shawn and Andrew started Teddy & Bear to encourage their little girl -- and all children -- to dream and to lean into their imaginations. The brand invites parents to keep adventure alive in the home and most importantly, to cherish those silly moments with your family. Teddy & Bear launched with a set of 8 character socks which double as puppets when worn on hands, to the delight of customers big and small.


About The East Family: 

After retiring from gymnastics in 2012, Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East has continued her success story with a New York Times best-selling book, a career in broadcast, a mirror ball trophy after winning Dancing With The Stars, and has launched several businesses alongside her husband, former NFL player Andrew East. As proud parents to their one-year-old daughter Drew, the East Family documents their life with fans on their shared YouTube channel which has more than 100 million views and a podcast, which has climbed to No. 2 on the overall charts. They have a collective 8.5 million followers on their social media platforms.


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