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4 May, 2019Print

Tay Iwar is Nigeria’s Hidden Gem

Tay Iwar is Nigeria's Hidden Gem

Tay Iwar, one of most influential in the new age of Nigerian music, has partnered with Soulection to release his debut album 'Gemin,' Raised in Lagos and Abuja, Tay began creating music at the young age of 14. Since then, he's honed in on crafting songs that effortlessly blend together a timeless r&b sound with afro style, calling his specific niche of sound afro-fusion. 

OkayAfrica declares Tay as "Nigeria's Hidden Gem": https://www.okayafrica.com/tay-iwar-nigeria-1977-gemini-interview/

'Gemini' is the first full-length release on the Soulection label in almost two years. The sixteen track album is backed by a variety of rhythmic percussion as Tay takes us on a journey through his memories of past lovers, exercising his vocals to put emotions into every harmony. 

Genius included lead track "MONICA," a love-laden record rich with "lush and mood-driven melodies," (Earmilk) in their April playlist: https://genius.com/a/genius-community-playlist-april-2019

Listen here: http://soulection.com/gemini