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22 June, 2020Print

The East Family Launches Uniqorn Coffee

Signature blends inspired by Nashville, New York City & Santa Monica

Entrepreneurs and creators Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East -- aka The East Family -- announce the launch of UniQorn Coffee, a subscription-based coffee experience meant to encourage deeper connection, transparency, and conversation around what it means to be uniquely you.

“Everyone is trying to get you to fit in, but what I learned as an Olympic athlete is that it’s in being uniquely you that you’re successful,” says Shawn. 

“That’s where the name UniQorn comes in,” adds Andrew. “We believe everyone is unique, and when you put inspiring coffee in front of inspiring people, magic happens.”

Shawn’s love of coffee started when she was on tour as an Olympic athlete. Sometimes she would get homesick, but no matter where she traveled, when she found a great coffee shop, she felt at home. 

Later, when Shawn and Andrew started dating, some of their most memorable conversations happened over coffee. The two met their best friends in a coffee shop. Andrew even first told Shawn he wanted to marry her on a coffee date. Now, everywhere they travel, they’re on the hunt for the best cup of coffee in every city they visit.

Combining their world travels and coffee obsession, the celebrity couple has created a unique, high-quality experience everyone can enjoy at home. 

UniQorn Coffee’s featured blends are inspired by Andrew and Shawn’s favorite places. They are made with beans from the world’s highest quality coffee farms, sun-dried and roasted to perfection in Portland, Oregon. 

  • Music City Midnight: With smooth notes of molasses with a full-bodied flavor, this organic dark roast combines some of the highest quality Latin American beans we could find.  
  • East Side Sunrise: With beans from Colombia and Papua New Guinea, this medium blend is rich with finishes of toffee and cocoa.  
  • Santa Monica Mornings: Sweet and delicate with a hint of caramel, this organic light roast comes from a cooperative of 146 small family farmers from Honduras.

The brand is passionate about clean coffee and sustainability. The roasting facility in Portland is SQF-certified, carbon neutral, and powered entirely by renewable sources. 

The East Family will share tutorials on brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home on their YouTube channel, which has more than 1.1 million subscribers. Watch here.

Customers are invited to take UniQorn’s quiz to find their perfect mythical brew and customize their membership. Prices begin at $20. Order by taking the coffee quiz on


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