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28 August, 2023Print

A Song For When “The Honeymoon” Phase Is Over

Last Friday (8.25), lively husband/wife duo The Mizes, made up of artist-songwriters Logan Mize and Jill Martin, shared their self-titled debut — five songs about being married that are chock-full of twang with a dose of realism and comedy. The pair turns back the clock with a laugh-out-loud video for their song “The Honeymoon,” out today (8.28). 

Watch the music video for “The Honeymoon,” here: youtu.be/Sa8mtA6nvXU?si=d2hilb6FLVNgn6Af

Filmed at the Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, KS, the video for the 90s country-inspired track transports the couple into the 1800s Wild West. Chaos and hilarity ensue as the two run into the sheriff, rowdy saloon guests and more. 

Logan and Jill grew up only 30 minutes away from each other in Kansas, but they didn’t meet until years later in Nashville, where they were both aspiring songwriters. They married in 2010 and moved back to Kansas to start their family. On the new record, they humorously offer a raw, honest perspective on marriage and hark back to “the funny-fight masterpieces created by Loretta & Conway, Porter & Dolly and George & Tammy” (MusicRow).

Listen to ‘The Mizes,’ here: bigyellowdogmusic.ffm.to/themizes

For more information, visit themizesmusic.com or follow @themizesmusic on Instagram.


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