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30 November, 2021Print

These Musicians Honor Hate Crime Victim In This Stunning Performance

Nashville-based pianist and composer Kory Caudill was on a trip to Liverpool doing racial reconciliation work with The Episcopal Church when he heard the horrific story of how British teenager Anthony Walker was murdered in a racist hate crime. That night, Caudill sat down at the piano to compose a melody for Walker. Baltimore rapper Wordsmith later added earnest lyrics, turning the song into a hopeful lullaby for Walker.

Watch Caudill and Wordsmith perform “Anthony’s Song” during a WoodSongs broadcast from Lexington, KY, here:

Caudill and Wordsmith joined forces to create a diverse listening experience and performance series called Concert for the Human Family. The series is a collaboration between musicians, artists and creatives who are joining forces to shape a musical journey that bridges art, social justice and faith. 

Previously, Caudill and Wordsmith released ‘Progressions’ which confronted hard topics the passing of Kobe Bryant to the Black Lives Matter Movement, the 2020 election, the tragedy and strain of the COVID-19 pandemic and more. Caudill continued to use his music as a platform for creating unity on his ‘American Hymn’ songbook (9.26), a collection of five instrumental songs that masterfully interpret the heavy human emotions that continue to resound through conversations of race, cultural barriers, diversity and navigating the most important moments in our country.

Caudill and Wordsmith will partner again on tour with the Concert for the Human Family series in 2022. Dates to be announced soon.

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