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9 September, 2021Print

Trixie Mattel to Host Unscripted Dating Series From Katya with Love for OUTtv

Trixie Mattel to Host Unscripted Dating Series From Katya with Love for OUTtv

Contestant Casting Remains Open Through September 21st Via LGBTQ+ Social Network, Taimi 

Adult Lifestyle Brand LELO Signs on As Second Major Series Sponsor


Trixie Mattel has signed on to host the forthcoming unscripted dating series From Katya with Lovewhere the drag legend will help her longstanding comedic partner Katya look for love among a diverse group of singles. The six-episode show will be executive produced by Trixie, Katya and David Silver (Trixie Mattel: Moving PartsTrixie Motel) in partnership with Producer Entertainment Group for OUTtv.

Taimi, serving as casting and social media partner for the show, will continue to accept contestant applications through September 21 via their app. Taimi will also share exclusive content and behind the scenes moments from the show leading up to the series Spring 2022 premiere. 

In addition, LELO has signed on as a major series sponsor. LELO, the world's leading designer of luxury, adult pleasure products, is proud to partner with From Katya with Love. As an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQAI+ community, LELO’s mission is to celebrate pleasure in all of it’s forms by promoting sexuality without shame and encouraging everyone to be comfortable in their own skin, no matter the shape, size, gender or sexual orientation. 

"Finding a still breathing human being who can keep food down around Katya, much less lust for this person, will be a two man job,” said Trixie about the hosting role. “I'm happy to be the operator making love connections for America's favorite prostitute."

Katya added, "Finding me a lover is going to take criminal levels of deception and I couldn't think of a better accomplice than my partner-in-crime, Trixie Mattel."

The LGBTQ+ social network and dating app Taimi has over 12 million users, and has provided an application form for its users to fill for casting consideration. Katya does not have any age preferences, so all members of the LGBTQ+ community, starting from the age of 21, are welcome to apply. The application period will be closed on September 21st.

“We are extremely happy to be the partners of PEG and OUTtv, and being involved in the creation of this truly historic dating show is a great source of inspiration for us. Everyone at Taimi is a big fan of Katya and Trixie, and we can’t wait for their charisma and energy to shine during the show! We are certain that Katya and Trixie’s synergy will make From Katya with Love entertaining and absolutely unforgettable,” notes the founder and CEO of Taimi Alex Pasykov.

“My heart has been frozen like a Russian winter,” comments Katya. “Do you have what it takes to melt it? Are you prepared to survive challenges that will test your fitness as a lover mentally, emotionally, and psychologically? If your answer is ‘да,’ apply for my show via the Taimi app now.”

It’s sure to be absurdly hilarious and can’t-miss television, harnessing the combined ingenious magic of Trixie & Katya that has already earned them two wildly successful web shows (“UNHhhh” and the Netflix-produced “I Like to Watch”), a NY Times best-selling book (Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood), an award-winning podcast host (The Bald and the Beautiful), their forthcoming first national tour together (Trixie and Katya Live), and their recently launched Substack newsletter (GOOPED).

Outside of their powerhouse collaborative projects, Trixie Mattel & Katya have proven themselves to be iconic drag mega stars in their solo endeavors as well. In 2019, Trixie worked the festival circuit as the subject of a bio documentary, "Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts," debuted her cosmetics company Trixie Cosmetics, and released her "Skinny Legend" comedy special. 2020 found Trixie releasing her third album 'Barbara' to acclaim from Rolling Stone, Billboard, People, Entertainment Weekly, NPR, Vanity Fair, G.Q., Esquire, and more. Most recently she released her ‘Full Coverage - Vol. 1’ EP that included a critically acclaimed collab with Orville Peck. 

Katya released her debut EP ‘Vampire Fitness' last year which was called “an experimental digital distortion” (Entertainment Weekly) that is “delightfully absurd” (BuzzFeed), and “full of as many whiplash-inducing left-turns as Katya's humor and fashion” (Billboard). The video spawned several mind-altering music videos including the immersive VR-compatible “Be Your Own Dentist”. She also became an aunt for the second time and was so happy for her sister who refused to name the baby boy “Simply Daughter”.


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world and it has established a heritage based on quality, on unexpected innovation and on being entirely different from everything and everyone else, just like Trixie and Katya. LELO is driven by an insatiable curiosity, a desire to explore and refine the space where digital technology and human sensation intersect. That’s what makes LELO unique, different, and uniquely different. What LELO does is look for unexplored spaces and chances to improve on the current landscape of sensuality. The result of this commitment to innovation is that there are millions of people worldwide whose lives have been made that little bit richer by owning a LELO. LELO does everything it can to turn your desires into reality.


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