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11 April, 2024Print

Trixie Mattel Unveils “Gay-Mer Collection” Out Now

Trixie Mattel Unveils "Gay-Mer Collection" Out Now

The Latest Launch From Her Cosmetics Line Trixie Cosmetics Including: Pigmented Liquid Eye-Shadow, Mixing Palette, And Convertible Bag

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(New York, NY April 11th) Trixie Mattel, the multifaceted artist known for her prowess in comedy, music, and drag, proudly announces the launch of her latest creation: the "Gay-mer Collection" from her acclaimed beauty brand, Trixie Cosmetics. This vibrant collection is a celebration of self-expression, offering makeup enthusiasts and drag aficionados alike the opportunity to become the avatar of their dreams.

The Gay-mer Collection introduces a playful array of products designed to ignite creativity and fun in makeup application. With the ethos that makeup should be enjoyable and adventurous, Trixie Mattel has curated a lineup that merges professional-grade formulas with playful packaging reminiscent of classic arcade games. Central to the Gay-mer Collection is the "Play Pigments" - an ensemble of ultra-matte, pigmented liquid shadows that are as versatile as they are bold. With six dynamic shades inspired by the neon lights and electrifying energy of arcades, makeup lovers can craft everything from avant-garde looks to vibrant twists on classic makeup styles. Each hue bears playful names such as "Finish Her!" and "Pac'Mam!,” reflecting the fun spirit of Trixie Cosmetics.

"We take play very seriously around here,” stated Trixie. “So we created a new way to play with your makeup. Play Pigments are a versatile high-impact liquid shadow with colors inspired by a trip to the arcade, perfect for anything from wild festival looks to a colorful take on a classic cat eye."

In addition to the Play Pigments, the Gay-mer Collection includes essential accessories like a brush set, a mixing palette for custom color creations, and a convertible bag to carry it all - ensuring makeup enthusiasts have everything they need to unleash their creativity.

The mission of Trixie Cosmetics is to provide pro-level cosmetic products in vibrant, fun packaging reminiscent of beloved childhood toys. With formulas developed based on Trixie’s experience as both a makeup artist and drag queen, the brand is committed to offering products that make everyone feel like a legend, icon, and star. Trixie Cosmetics is also dedicated to being cruelty-free and supports initiatives like The Bee Conservancy.

The launch of the Gay-mer Collection marks yet another milestone for Trixie Mattel, who has captivated audiences across various mediums. In 2024 alone, Trixie has achieved remarkable milestones, including reaching 2 million subscribers on YouTube, gracing the cover of PhotoBook Magazinehosting the Ambies Podcast Awards, collaborating on a viral video with Dua Lipa, receiving the Harvard College Humanist Club's Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Cultural Humanism Award, earning three Queerties Nominations, embarking on her solid pink disco tour, and being featured on Apple Fitness Plus' Time to Walk.

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