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15 March, 2019Print

Vitamin String Quartet re-imagines Björk’s sonic adventurousness for Record Store Day (4.13)

Vitamin String Quartet re-imagines Björk's sonic adventurousness for Record Store Day (4.13)

Known for her sonic adventurousness, Björk has created one of the most eclectic, visionary reper-toires in contemporary popular music, extending to pop, jazz, electronic and beyond. 

On Record Store Day (April 13th), Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) pays tribute to this innovative singer, songwriter and composer with 'Vitamin String Quartet Performs Björk.' The 13-track set features creative violin, viola and cello arrangements, captivating the innovative artistry of the international icon on reimagined versions of "Human Behavior," "Army of Me," "All Is Full of Love," and "Hyper-ballad."

To celebrate the creation of 'Vitamin String Quartet Performs Björk,' CMH Label Group (home to VSQ) produced a series of concept videos to compliment the beauty of VSQ's music and honor Björk's rich musical & visual heritage. 

Working with directors from Italy, the Netherlands, Australia and the U.S., the quartet and the label created a collection of visual concepts befitting the catalog of a woman whose career en-compasses avant-garde pop and immersive multimedia work: 'Venus as a Boy' offers vivid shape-shifting geometrics and animated paper craft in a tale of metamorphosis. "Wanderlust" takes you on a constantly morphing journey through a three-dimensional world of surreal landscapes, while "Crystalline" reveals a bizarre and mesmerizing trip through multi-colored paper animation. "All is Full of Love" utilizes the combination of photography and animation to display a tale of rebirth and reawakening, and "Hyper-ballad" delivers a split-screen performance of VSQ musicians interwoven with layers of ever-shifting beautiful colors.

The album will be available digitally on Friday, April 19th.

'Vitamin String Quartet Performs Björk' Track List:
1. New World
2. Human Behaviour
3. Pagan Poetry
4. Venus as a Boy
5. Army of Me
6. Hunter
7. Wanderlust
8. Crystalline
9. Hyper-ballad
10. Jóga
11. Tabula Rasa
12. All Is Full of Love
13. Atom Dance

More on Vitamin String Quartet: 
2019 marks the 20th anniversary for Vitamin String Quartet , one of the most streamed contempo-rary classical ensembles in the world. VSQ performs cutting edge renditions of the hits of today and beyond. Erasing boundaries between classical, dance, hip-hop and pop, VSQ has covered acts rang-ing from Ed Sheeran to XXXTENTACION, Lady Gaga to BLACKPINK and Kanye West to John Williams. Praised by the likes of Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Observer, Con-sequence of Sound, Nerdist and more, VSQ has released 300+ albums, accumulated more than 500 million streams, almost 4 million downloads, over 1 million physical units sold and averages more than 600k monthly listeners on Spotify. VSQ has also earned numerous Billboard chartings and prominent placements in TV (HBO's Westworld, Showtime's Shameless, and others) and film.

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