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22 June, 2021Print

Wild Up Release Julius Eastman Vol. 1: Femenine

Wild Up Release Julius Eastman Vol. 1: Femenine

“Singularly jubilant...unfolds one beautiful moment after another.” — NPR Music

Read A Review Over at NPR: https://n.pr/3gKnY0L 

Listen To Femenine Here: http://smarturl.it/femenine


Los Angeles-based musical collective Wild Up’s Julius Eastman Vol. 1: Femenine, their electrifying take on Eastman’s “marvel of open-form minimalism” (Pitchfork) out now on New Amsterdam Records, has been called “singularly jubilant” in a review by Thomas Huizenga at NPR Music. It continues: “Wild Up's new rendition of Femenine takes a page from Eastman's personal playbook: It's exuberant, a bit in your face, sometimes capricious, and always surprising.

"The most remarkable thing about Julius' music is its ability to send musicians closer to themselves, to force agency on them, and pull their insides out," Wild Up leader Christopher Rountree says. "His pieces inspire creativity, in a totally singular way." Read the feature, which details the new recording as well as Eastman’s life and work, over at NPR Music: https://n.pr/3gKnY0L 

Listen to Femenine here: http://smarturl.it/femenine 

Underheralded in his time, Julius Eastman — a young, gay, Black composer who made his presence felt in academia, discos, Europe, Carnegie Hall, and the downtown experimental music scene before dying in 1990 at age 49— is just recently being celebrated for his visionary and boundary-defying approach to composition. Read an interview with Wild Up’s Seth Parker Woods about Eastman’s career and influence over at I Care If You Listen: https://bit.ly/3wZ1Rtr


About Wild Up:

Wild Up is a modern music collective—a group of Los Angeles-based musicians committed to creating visceral, thought-provoking happenings. They tell stories and make projects that live somewhere between new music and theater and performance art and pop. The group believes that music is a catalyst for shared experiences, and that the concert venue is a place for challenging, exciting, and igniting the community around us. Earlier this year, Wild Up produced its second annual Darkness Sounding festival, a series of musical happenings set against the darkest days of the year. Spanning a month, with over thirty distinct performances around Los Angeles (and virtually from beyond), the New York Times called Darkness Sounding “sincere, outdoorsy [and] trippy.” 


Julius Eastman Vol. 1: Femenine



Create New Pattern

Hold And Return

All Changing



Be Thou My Vision / Mao Melodies

Can Melt

Pianist Will Interrupt Must Return


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