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21 July, 2023Print

Wrabel Releases Feel-Good Friendship Anthem, “we all could use some help”

Wrabel Releases Feel-Good Friendship Anthem, “we all could use some help”

Listen HERE

New EP ‘chapter of you’ Set To Drop August 25


Wrabel continues to solidify his position as one of modern music’s most gifted musical bards with today’s release of his new song "we all could use some help", a folk-pop rumination on the power of friendship and the importance of reaching out in our time of need, big or small. It’s the perfect breezy, mid-tempo bop to spark a smile or soundtrack a nice moment of connection with a close confidant. 

Listen HERE.

It’s the second cut off his forthcoming ‘chapter of you’ EP which will drop August 25 via Big Gay Records/Nettwerk, following the release of last month’s sister track “abstract art” – a summery ode to embracing what makes us all uniquely ourselves. 

‘chapter of you’ will be Wrabel’s second EP release this year, following April’s ‘chapter of me’. Later this year, both EPs will be brought together to help create his second full-length album ‘based on a true story’, which will arrive on November 17.

Of today’s track release, Wrabel said “I wrote “we all could use some help“ with Drew Pearson. He was playing some chords and I just started kind of mumbling “oh you don’t have to do it all by yourself… we all could use some help“. my first thought and question to him was if it could really be that simple? But we had a talk about how sometimes the simplest thing is the truest thing. This song is intended to feel like a shoulder for you as you listen. Like a friend just talking to you and reminding you that you’re not alone.”

Wrabel describes the forthcoming EP as “a collection of songs for, well, you. I offer you these songs in hopes that they instill hope, love, joy... a safe little place you can go in your car or living room or headphones to feel hopefully a little bit better.”

Wrabel’s springtime ‘chapter of me’ EP earned praise from Billboard who called it “a further testament to the singer-songwriter’s skill with his pen” and People who added that “Wrabel's mass appeal is his ability to unite people in their experiences, especially those that maybe aren't so often talked about.” 

Earlier this summer, Wrabel released “Turn Up the Love”, as the PRIDE anthem he wrote for AT&T Turn Up the Love 2023 campaign (which he recently spoke to Variety about), and also saw his earlier catalog song “The Village” go viral when the inspiring dance troupe Unity auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent with a routine set to the song (which scored them the very rare Golden Buzzer from judge Simon Cowell). Last week he released a collaboration video with Unity for the song,which really hammers home the unifying message of the song. Initially inspired by a powerful meeting with two transgender fans of his, the song has been praised by People Magazine, Out Magazine, Billboard, and more, and Wrabel also spoke with Good Morning America last year about how he hopes his music connects with people to offer solace and community when they need it the most.

As of today, Wrabel’s own personal discography has racked up over 700m streams across all DSP platforms, while he has also become known for high-profile collaborations/writing credits with Kesha, P!nk, Backstreet Boys, Ellie Goulding, Cam, and more. Over the past few years, his “knife-to-the-heart” (Idolator) songwriting has led to him becoming “one of Hollywood’s finest songwriters for a decade” (American Songwriter), earned him a performance spot on the national NBC TODAY stage and had Billboard saying that Wrabel is “ready for his breakthrough.”




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