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5,000 Creators Register for YouTuber Bootcamp ‘Launchpad’

The startup CreatorDAO kicked off its eight-week YouTubers bootcamp Launchpad last week. Over 5,000 creators have already registered to learn strategies for creating successful YouTube content, working on weekly challenges and sharing tips and requesting advice in the private chat spaces. At the end of the program, several creators will be offered investments, cash prizes, or mentorships.

This week's lesson, the second, explains six psychological triggers creators can use to make their videos go viral. As instructor Kel Livson explains in the lesson intro, these have been field-tested:

"Kong [Pham, co-instructor] and I have even done this ourselves—after running multiple viral YouTube channels, we wanted a definitive rebuttal to anybody who says 'well your videos only go viral because you have millions of subscribers'. So, we started a brand new channel, made it totally anonymous, utilized that science we believe in, and this is how the first video did: 20 million views. Trust me, virality is repeatable."

After attendees watch the lesson, their homework assignment is to create their own video that uses one or two of these traits—and, for more experienced YouTubers, to do it with a topic they would consider "boring."

Future weekly lesson topics include “How to craft a perfect hook,” “The most important part of your video’s execution: pacing,” and “How to get brand deals, even if you’re still a smaller channel.”

About CreatorDAO

CreatorDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on accelerating the careers of creators and empowering them with shared access to capital, technology, and community. CreatorDAO offers creators access to mentorship, professional tools needed to grow their brands, and a community invested in each other's success. To learn more about CreatorDAO, please visit

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