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Donovan Woods Talks Life And Music Creation ‘Without People’ In World Cafe Session

Donovan Woods is a songwriter known for magnifying moments of human intimacy that go unnoticed in everyday life. Today (3.3), Woods chatted with World Cafe about his ‘Without People’ album. He discusses how observing people inspires his music and how creating music about human connection in a pandemic that has almost made one-on-one interaction disappear.

Woods performs songs “Clean Slate,” “Grew Apart” and “We Used To” with his band The Oppositions and shared a special video performance of ballad “She Waits for Me to Come Back Down” featuring Katie Pruitt and guitarist Zubin Thakkar.

Listen to the full World Cafe session, here:


Woods dives into these topics during the session:

*How the album is inspired by adulthood and learning to cope without people

*The art of being a great co-writer

*The balance of mining emotions from past relationships while in a happy and committed relationship

*How paying acute attention to human language helps make mundane bits of life feel profound in his music

*His perspective on country music — writing for other artists in the genre and moving his own music away from it


Stay tuned for new music from Woods to be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, visit

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