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Downtown Music Services Signs Five Leading LoFi Labels

Effortless Audio, Inner Ocean Records, Homework Radio, Lofi Bloom, NINETOFIVE join Downtown’s industry-leading LoFi roster


Downtown Music Services℠ (DMS), the leading global provider of bespoke music publishing, distribution, marketing and financing support to entrepreneurial creators and their partners, has signed five new labels to their globe-spanning LoFi roster: the UK’s Homework Radio and Lofi Bloom, Germany’s Effortless Audio, Canada’s Inner Oceans Records, and Sweden’s NINETOFIVE. Collectively, their releases generate over 500 million streams a year.

The labels join a roster that puts DMS at the vanguard of the genre, providing distribution and artist services for hundreds of leading LoFi artists like Glimlip, Jazzinuf, Louk, lōland, goosetaf, Kurt Stewart, and Oatmello and over 50 LoFi labels including Lofi Jazz Records, Chill Select, urbanundergrounds, Aviary Bridge, United Common, and Etymology Records.

“I think a major reason why artists and labels choose DMS is because of the sense of ‘family / community’ that we have cultivated,” says Rod Linnum, Vice President, Sales at DMS. “I'm really proud of the messages we receive from artists thanking us for our support and for making it possible for them to maintain their independent status as a musician.”

As part of their commitment to their artists, DMS curates over 50 successful LoFi playlists on multiple DSPs, delivering tens of millions of streams a month. The company’s Apple playlist “LoFi Chillhop Study Beats” regularly exceeds 500K streams per day when schools are in session. The “LoFi Rod’s ChillHop Lounge” Spotify Tastemaker playlist boasts over 62K followers and is growing quickly.


About Downtown Music Services

Downtown Music Services is a modern global music business committed to building a more equitable music industry. We offer bespoke distribution, publishing administration, creative marketing and finance solutions to entrepreneurial creators and their partners, including some of the world’s most beloved songwriters, storied music catalogs, and emerging artists at the forefront of pop culture. Downtown Music Services is owned and operated by Downtown Music Holdings.

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