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Grammy-Winning Mexican-American Quartet La Santa Cecilia Announce New LP, ‘La Santa Cecilia,’ Take on Social Media with “Winning”

New Album out October 18th on Rebeleon / Universal

Grammy-Winning Mexican-American Quartet La Santa Cecilia Announce New LP, ‘La Santa Cecilia,’ Take on Social Media with “Winning”

Watch the video for “Winning” HERE at NPR Music's World Cafe

GRAMMY-winning, LA-based quartet La Santa Cecilia will release their new album, ‘La Santa Cecilia,’ on October 18th, via Rebeleon Entertainment / Universal. Produced by Sebastian Krys, the five-time GRAMMY and 12-time Latin GRAMMY winner who most recently produced Elvis Costello’s ‘Look Now’ and has worked with Luis Fonsi, Shakira and many others, the sonically wide-ranging collection is a thematic fusion of pain and persistence written after a year in which three of the four band member’s fathers passed.

The first single “Winning” is a take on social media oversaturation and was mixed by legendary Grammy winner Dave Pensadoset. Musically set to spoken word and acoustic guitar licks that turn, within seconds, into an 80s-inspired surf-rock riot ignited by powerhouse frontwoman “La Marisoul” (whose vivacious performance NPR named a highlight of last year’s star-studded ‘Joni Mitchell at 75’ tribute), the band said of the track, “Our reality is online, and rarely do we actually experience firsthand what the true meaning behind things actually are. Mass shootings, police brutality, and justice, in general, are just examples of how in arms we become online and 3 days later it’s like we all forget all about it.”

Watch the video for “Winning,” featuring the band’s real-life fans mimicking the actions of “If I don’t share, then it didn’t happen” minded concert-goers HERE

Inspired by the classic rock, funk, soul, jazz, and blues they all grew up on in their respective corners of LA, as well as the kaleidoscopic sounds of their combined Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan heritages, the new album showcases the band at their freest musically. It will be the newest addition to a resume that includes the GRAMMY for Best Latin Rock Album in 2014 and several other nominations in that category, Elvis Costello, Los Lobos, and John Paul Jones collaborations, shows at the Hollywood Bowl, The Walt Disney Concert Hall, and more.

Ranging from the “revenge of the nerds” 80s vibes of “Winning,” to “A Thousand Times,” which blends La Marisoul’s powerful voice (“like the love child of Janis Joplin and Celia Cruz” - The LA Times) with traditional Mexican instrumentation and hip hop beats, to a faithfully Vaudevillian rendition of the Bessie Smith classic “Nobody Knows You When You Are Down and Out,” the album revels in experimentation of sound and theme. NPR Music’s World Cafe lauded: "La Santa Cecilia's upcoming album seems to be a turning point in the band's musical career: The members pave the way with a genuine, personal and ingenious approach to making music, despite life wreaking havoc."

La Santa Cecilia is accordionist and requinto player Jose “Pepe” Carlos, bassist Alex Bendaña, percussionist Miguel “Oso” Ramirez, and La Marisoul. The band will be hitting the road around the new album, beginning with a Lincoln Center Out of Doors date on July 25th, their biggest NYC show yet, and a Hollywood Bowl show in August.

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