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Hollis Taggart Celebrates the Artists of The Art Students League At 2019 Edition of The Armory Show

special showcase will be on Pier 90 at Booth Number 206

Hollis Taggart Celebrates the Artists of The Art Students League At 2019 Edition of The Armory Show

(New York, NY) - For its presentation at the 2019 edition of The Armory Show, Hollis Taggart will celebrate the importance and impact of The Art Students League, a fixture of the New York art scene for 140 years. The gallery’s exhibition will feature works by prior teachers and students, highlighting the dynamic conceptual and aesthetic interplay between the two and capturing a trajectory of artistic development. Among the prior teachers that will be exhibited are Hans Hofmann, Richard Pousette-Dart, Knox Martin, William Scharf, and Theodoros Stamos. League students that will be shown include Milton Avery, Leon Berkowitz, Helen Frankenthaler, Louise Nevelson, Jack Tworkov, Idelle Weber, and Michael (Corrine) West, among others.


Pictured to the left: Milton Avery, Fishing Harbor


Since it was founded in 1875 by a group of artists, The Art Students League has nurtured creativity and provided the space and opportunity for innovation to thrive. Over the years, the teachers, lecturers, and students of the League have shaped and propelled some of America’s most important artistic breakthroughs and movements. Their vision and work have affected the course of art history, and influenced artists and creative producers across the world. With its Armory Show presentation, Hollis Taggart honors that legacy and its ongoing impact on contemporary art practice.

Hollis Taggart is featured in Booth 206 on Pier 90 as part of the Insights sector. Dedicated exclusively to 20th century artworks, Insights emphasizes solo-artist, dual-artist, and thematic presentations, and highlights canonical works of modernism and the post-war era as well as overlooked artistic gems and rediscoveries.

The full list of artists to be shown by Hollis Taggart at The Armory Show follows below:

Milton Avery

Will Barnet

Leon Berkowitz

James Brooks

Audrey Flack

Helen Frankenthaler

Adolph Gottlieb

John D. Graham

Grace Hartigan

Hans Hofmann

Lee Krasner

Knox Martin

Mercedes Matter

Louise Nevelson

Betty Parsons

Larry Poons

Richard Pousette-Dart

Larry Rivers

William Scharf

Theodoros Stamos

Yvonne Thomas

Jack Tworkov

Idelle Weber

Michael (Corrine) West

About Hollis Taggart


In fall 2018, it opened a newly renovated street-level location on W. 26th Street, a private viewing and storage annex across the street, and a project space at the High Line. With 40 years of experience, Hollis Taggart is widely recognized by collectors and curators for its leadership, expertise, and openness, on matters of art history, and market trends and opportunities.

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About The Art Students League:

The Art Students League of New York is one of America’s premier art schools. It was founded in 1875 by artists, for artists, to provide affordable studio-based art education of the highest quality to those interested in making art. Great artists have trained, taught, and exhibited at the League throughout its rich history. Classes, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and professional development programs continue the League’s legacy of supporting students who intend to make art a profession and cultivating a spirit of fraternity among art students.

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