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“In the Mirror, a Fractured Reflection” an op-ed by Lindi Ortega for Lenny Letter

How being onstage -- and developing my "country gothic noir" persona -- helped me cope with body-dysmorphic disorder.

“In the Mirror, a Fractured Reflection” an op-ed by Lindi Ortega for Lenny Letter

When you look at Lindi Ortega, you see a physical manifestation of her "country gothic noir" persona: clothed in all-black attire that matches her jet-black hair and brilliant red lipstick that compliments the bold hue of her signature cowboy boots. She's a picturesque representation of the spirited country she is known for... but she hasn't always seen herself that way.

Earlier today (3.6), Lindi shared her lifelong struggle with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) -- chronicling the early adolescent bully-driven trauma that launched the spiral in Lindi's negative thoughts about herself that eventually led to her describing her appearance as that of "a fragmented Picasso painting on acid."

Feeling grotesque and alienated, Lindi retreated into a depression that threatened to batter her music career, and she documented it all for Lenny Letter.

In the spirit of conquering her demons -- Lindi's forthcoming three-part concept LP 'Liberty,' due March 30, tells a story that mirrors the struggle and victory the country singer faced. From her hazy inception in "Afraid of the Dark" to her fiery triumph in title track "Liberty," Lindi's protagonist sheds the burdens of her past and races toward a prosperous future.

"The beauty I seek now is a different kind," says Lindi. "It's the kind that comes from the heart and spreads like wildfire."

Read Lindi's full story at Lenny.

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