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Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President: Joyous Musical Tribute To Jimmy Carter's Legacy

In Theaters And Virtual Cinemas September 9

Home Entertainment Release On October 9


JIMMY CARTER ROCK & ROLL PRESIDENT shows how Carter's lifelong passion for music gave him an unexpected edge as a presidential candidate as he tapped into a force that transcended racial and generational divides, and often party lines. Carter’s appreciation for all genres of music and friendships with the likes of Bob Dylan, Gregg Allman, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, and Willie Nelson helped to define his administration. 

JIMMY CARTER ROCK & ROLL PRESIDENT combines intimate interviews with Carter and an eclectic cast of contributors including Willie Nelson, Bono, Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Jimmy Buffett, Rosanne Cash, Chuck Leavell, Paul Simon, Andrew Young and Madeleine Albright. Featuring rare archival era-defining live performances from Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, among others, director Mary Wharton traces how Carter’s genuine approachability, combined with the unifying power of music, became key to his political appeal, and allowed him to connect with voters who may only have known him as a small-town peanut farmer.

Greenwich Entertainment will release Mary Wharton’s JIMMY CARTER ROCK & ROLL PRESIDENT in theaters and virtual cinemas nationwide on Wednesday, September 9. The film’s home entertainment release will be Friday, October 9 and debut via CNN on January 3.

AS JOYFUL AND BUOYANT AS ITS MUSIC. The documentary delivers on the promise of its title, with a fresh, buoyant look at the importance of music in the former president's personal and political life.” - Caryn James, The Hollywood Reporter

INFECTIOUS AND LIVELY. It’s about what its title says: the fact that Jimmy Carter became the first U.S. president to express, in ways both big and small, a profound affinity with rock ‘n’ roll culture. Yet in telling that story, the film touches on something larger — the way that alliances in America that may seem unlikely come to seem inevitable. It’s about the forces that have to come together to make America work.” - Owen Gleiberman, Variety


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