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Johan Lenox Resigns Himself To Hedonistic Nihilism On “Get My Shit Together” feat. Thouxanbanfauni

Debut Album WDYWTBWYGU Out May 13

Johan Lenox Resigns Himself To Hedonistic Nihilism On “Get My Shit Together” feat. Thouxanbanfauni

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“A classic coming-of-age tale enlivened by elegant instrumentation and moody vocal harmonies…remarkable sonic and thematic cohesion.” — i-D

Today, Johan Lenox releases “Get My Shit Together (feat. Thouxanbanfauni).” As sumptuous string figures play against the shuddering knock of 808s, Lenox finds himself adrift in a stunted adulthood. Way back before we burned out, we used to wonder how we'd turn out, he sings, but the dashed optimism of childhood has been replaced by nihilistic hedonism.  Thouxanbanfauni’s verse is backed by drowsy strings, swept away by the intensity of an auto-tuned choir. Maybe this is for the better, maybe I’ll be alone forever.


Listen to “Get My Shit Together (feat. Thouxanbanfauni)” here.


Since contributing to records by Kanye West, Lil Nas X, Travis Scott, Channel Tres, Teyana Taylor, Snoh Aalegra and more, Johan Lenox has committed to channeling his compositional prowess into a brazen and maximalist vision of pop music. Forgoing synthesizers and guitars altogether, Lenox employs strings, woodwinds, and assorted vocal textures that lend his music an epic scope. 


On May 13, Johan will drop his debut album WDYWTBWYGU (short for “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up”), an opulently arranged set held together by Johan’s auto-tune croon and his tender and self-deprecating perspective on fading future horizons. Lyrical Lemonade says that the album is “a healthy dose of refreshing artistic originality from a powerhouse known for his collaborations and chamber arrangements.” i-D just named it one of their Best Albums of 2022 So Far, calling it “a classic coming-of-age tale enlivened by elegant instrumentation and moody vocal harmonies” and “a worthy addition to the canon of albums to play after slamming your bedroom door because nobody truly gets you.”


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert spotlighted Johan’s avant-pop vision with a brand new performance of his "masterpiece" (Lyrical Lemonade) of a single "No One Gets Me." Accompanied just by a string quartet, Lenox paints a pained picture of adult resentment with tenderness and drama. Stripped of the drums and maximalist production of his original version, the performance emphasizes the idiosyncratic but beautiful pairing of auto-tuned vocals and chamber music accompaniment. Watch here


Expressively orchestrated and filled with energetic angst, recent single “I’m A Mess” (ft. Lancey Foux) bridges the gap between partied out bliss and late night hangxiety. Lyrical Lemonade says  Listen here.


Johan Lenox’s distinctive production style is indebted to a youth spent listening solely to classical music. While he emerged as an elite composer at age 16, it wasn’t until one night at a local Massachusetts house party where he took acid and listened to Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that he underwent a transformation of self. Lenox quickly went from composing for the Yale Symphony Orchestra to creating Yeethoven, a concert that interpolated Kanye West’s Yeezuswith the works of Beethoven — an experience that linked Lenox with Kanye himself. Soon Lenox was contributing to songs by Big Sean, Nipsey Hussle, and John Legend as he harnessed his unique talents and crafted his inimitable sound. 


Praise for Johan Lenox and “You Up”

“The name Johan Lenox is one you should know.”



“A testament to Lenox’s innate talent and ability to turn concepts into masterpieces.”

— Lyrical Lemonade


“An intimate song perfect for late night drives.”

— HipHopDX


“A cleverly written and string-laden banger.”

— Ones To Watch


“Unlike anyone else.”

— Daily Chiefers


What Happening (ft. 070 Shake)

I’m a Mess (ft. Lancey Foux)

You Up? (ft. Ant Clemons)

Some Sort of Intent

Get My Shit Together (ft. Thouxanbanfauni)

Fuck This Town


Hitting Different

Burning Sky (ft. Mr. Hudson)

Don’t Be A Loser

No One Gets Me (ft. RMR)

Phases (ft. Cousin Stizz)

What Do You Want To Be?

Don’t Wait For Me


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