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John Splithoff Releases Debut Album, All In

John Splithoff Releases Debut Album, All In

The Long-Awaited LP Follows a Decade of Breakout Success, Setbacks & Self-Reflection: LISTEN

Watch the Video for "WGYG"

Join John Splithoff for a Virtual Listening Party on Thursday, April 29th


Today, John Splithoff self-releases his debut album, All In. The long-awaited record is one that Splithoff has wanted to make since he first started writing music, and while the 11 songs were all created and completed before the arrival of COVID-19, their collective sense of love, longing and loneliness resonates even more personally and profoundly after this past year. Largely built from demos conceived alone in his apartment, Splithoff self-produced All In both at home in New York City, and in Los Angeles through a series of sessions with producers Aalias and Likeminds (Andy Grammer, Allen Stone, Emily King). Pairing deep revelations with arrangements that are "irresistibly smooth" (UPROXX), and vocal performances both "soaring and sensual" (American Songwriter), All In finds John Splithoff turning doubt into determination and self-reflection into celebration. 

Listen to All In here: 

Watch the video for "WGYG," a high point of the album's "pure infatuated joy" (Under the Radar), full of magnetic hooks, vocoder riffs and funk guitar rhythms that nod to formative influences like Daft Punk and Prince: 

Read more about the genesis of each song in Splithoff's track by track breakdown for American Songwriter - from thieves breaking into his apartment on Christmas Eve to the chance occurrence that reunited him with his fiancée, after dating in high school, falling out of touch for six years, running into each other at a bar and reconnecting through music, from opposite ends of the world:

For nearly a decade, John Splithoff has paved his own path to breakout indie pop and soul success, surpassing 100 million streams, cracking the Top 10 at AC radio, playing Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, and growing a cult following among fellow musicians (just earlier this month his song "Raye" was covered on American Idol). On All In he's taken the time to figure out who he is, and says: 

"After releasing singles and EPs over the course of the last eight years, I wanted to create something bigger and more immersive this time around. I wanted to make something that could take you places from start to finish. I've been living with these songs for a long time now, and I like to think that half of this record is extroverted while the other half is introverted. A balance of outwardly confessional love songs with self-analytical inner turmoil, these songs help make sense of what life has been like for me the last year and a half."

At 8pm ET next Thursday, April 29th, John Splithoff will host a live-streamed, virtual listening party, inviting fans to join him in a special conversation about the album, life and more. Tune in via his Instagram:


All In Tracklist

Note to Self



Holding On To Me




Not a Thing I Would Change (Interlude)

Slow to Rise

Good to Go

All In


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