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Margo Price Searches For Common Ground In The Modern American Struggle In New Video For "All American Made"

Companion Behind The Scenes Video To Exclusively Premiere On Tidal November 14



Margo Price has shared a new video for the title track from her acclaimed album, 'All American Made' (Third Man Records). Shot against the background of varying, everyday American landscapes, the video features no actors, just real life men and women engaged in the struggles and successes of the everyday - a snapshot of America that finds common ground in our shared stories.

Watch here:

Beginning tomorrow at 10am ET, fans will be able to get a look at the making of “All American Made” in a special behind the scenes video featuring interviews with Margo and directors Kimberly Stuckwisch and Carlos Lopez Estrada exclusively on TIDAL. 

Kimberly Stuckwisch and Carlos Lopez Estrada, co-founders of the production company Little Ugly, shot the video in eight cities across five states in nine days, highlighting individuals from all across these communities: Leona Tate, one of the first children to integrate into white schools in New Orleans, who now heads her own foundation in support of inner-city youths. Sherrell Street, an Indiana farmer dealing with the recent loss of his wife. The Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition from Price's adopted hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Burnell Cotlon from the Lower 9th Ward in Louisiana, who put his life savings into revitalizing the neighborhood after Hurricane Katrina. Even Kimberly Stuckwisch's own mother is featured, shown digging amongst the remaining rubble of their burnt down family home in Southern Indiana - having lost everything due to lack of insurance.

Says Stuckwisch: "We built a house on a flat bed truck where we see Margo cruising down highways throughout the United States. At one point, a wall breaks off and it opens her up to the world. The idea behind that was to show that we are all protected in our own little worlds, in our own houses. We have our idea of what the world is, what other people are. In the end of the video, we see Margo staring at the driver of the truck, and are left with the question....who is the driver? Who drives your fears, your hopes, your comfortability, your cultural perspective? Who is it that drives your life and what steps do you take to open up to the world and connect with other humans?"

Price chatted with Noisey about the video's message: "All across America we've got people who all really want the same thing but have a different way of getting there. They might have a couple fundamental, core values they disagree on, but at the heart of the matter, we're all just humans living on this planet, trying to survive, trying to raise our kids and our families." Read the full interview here:

Price performed "All American Made" on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last year, with the album earning praise from the New York Times, Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone, who called it "reverent and revolutionary," claiming that "no other country artists, and precious few from any genre, went nearly as deep as Price did this year."

Price will kick off a limited string of New Year celebration shows next month with Lilly Hiatt supporting, full dates here:

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