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Neko Case Announces The Lung Substack Newsletter + Shares “Halls Of Sarah (RAC Mix)” 

Neko Case Announces Entering The Lung Substack Newsletter + Shares “Halls Of Sarah (RAC Mix)” 

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Listen to “Halls Of Sarah (RAC Mix)” HERE


Singer-songwriter Neko Case today announced Entering The Lung, a new newsletter published on Substack that Neko describes as “a series of postcards about loving nature and its crazy ways.” Neko’s profuse and loving deep-dive into the weird and wild aspects of nature will include radical tangents as well as in-depth conversations with expert and not-so-expert guests. 

Says Neko about Entering The Lung:

“I’ve always been in love with nature. I have felt ‘outside’ of it for a long time though, which is wrong to me as I’m ‘in it’ more than a lot of people. I live in Vermont, a part known as “The Northeast Kingdom.” It’s a leftover name from some tourist campaign, but it sounds majestic, which this place really is! In my own personal world, I refer to the forest I live in as ‘Entering The Lung.’ That name came quietly out of my feelings for the place, and it has no scientific basis whatsoever. It is affectionate shorthand. Entering The Lung makes air, it cleans, it heals, it feeds. It is the place where incredible scenes happen -- not for me, but for nature's own reasons and pleasure. Entering The Lung resets my mind and sharpens my senses. I am the least important component of this forest which is very freeing indeed.

I’m going to get weird about it with other excellent people; some who are actually experts and some who just love nature too, like my amazing neighbors here. I want to talk about our goodness, our badness, our hilariousness. I want to talk about art and nature feeding each other. I want to go backward and forward, move laterally, time travel and imagine things, and you are invited.”

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Neko also has shared “Halls Of Sarah (RAC Mix),” a synth-dappled take from the inventive producer on the track from her acclaimed 2018 album Hell On, which NPR Music deemed “endlessly quotable” and New York Magazine described as “Another serving of the gutting wisdom and honesty longtime fans have come to expect.”

Listen to “Halls Of Sarah (RAC Mix)” here: 


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