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Scott Weiland 12 Bar Blues

Weiland's First Solo Album Was Released 25 Years Ago Today On March 31, 1998

Scott Weiland 12 Bar Blues

Album Will Make Vinyl Debut As Limited Edition 2-LP Set Featuring Three Previously Unreleased Tracks On Translucent Blue And Green Vinyl For Record Store Day On April 22

Digital Deluxe Version Available On May 12 With Newly Remastered Original Album Plus 5 Previously Unreleased Recordings

Unreleased Demo For "Barbarella" Out Today Digitally Along With Original Music Video Upgraded To 4K




LOS ANGELES – Scott Weiland's solo debut, 12 Bar Blues, marks its 25th anniversary today, and Rhino is celebrating by remastering and expanding the acclaimed album for two upcoming releases.

On Record Store Day, the album will make its vinyl debut as a limited edition 2-LP set. 12 Bar Blues will be limited to 7,500 copies on 180-gram translucent blue and green vinyl and available exclusively at select independent music retailers on April 22 for $34.98. The set includes the original album with newly remastered audio along with three previously unreleased recordings: an acoustic version of “Barbarella” and session outtakes “Lazy Divey” and “Chateau Mars.” The latter two tracks appeared on the original promotional version of the album sent out by Atlantic Records, but were cut from the commercial release.

On May 12, a deluxe version of 12 Bar Blues with even more unreleased music will be available digitally. It features the newly remastered original album, the unreleased tracks from the vinyl release, plus two more previously unreleased recordings. The demo version of “Barbarella” from the digital deluxe version is available online today. Listen now. The original music video for “Barbarella” has also been newly upgraded to 4K. Watch here.

Best-known as the singer with the Grammy®-winning bands Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, Weiland took listeners on a sonic roller coaster ride in 1998 with 12 Bar Blues, his adventurous solo debut on Atlantic Records.

Weiland co-produced the album with Blair Lamb and played many instruments on the record, including guitar, bass, keyboards, drum loops, and more. He also was responsible for the album's design concept, which is an homage to Blue Train, the 1958 album by legendary jazz saxophonist John Coltrane.

Victor Indrizzo, Zander Schloss, and Jeff Nolan from the Magnificent Bastards (a group Weiland started in 1995) are featured throughout the record. In addition, several artists made guest appearances on 12 Bar Blues, including multi-Grammy®-winner Sheryl Crow playing accordion on “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down” and jazz pianist Brad Mehldau on “Divider” and “Mockingbird Girl.” Renowned musician/producer Daniel Lanois plays on “Desperation #5” and “Barbarella,” and also mixed several songs on the original album. The demos for “Desperation #5” and the aforementioned “Barbarella" will also make their debut on 12 BAR BLUES (DELUXE EDITION) along with


2-LP Track Listing

Available April 22


Side One

  1. “Desperation #5”
  2. “Barbarella”
  3. “About Nothing”
  4. “Where's The Man”

Side Two

  1. “Divider”
  2. “Cool Kids”
  3. “The Date”
  4. “Son”

Side Three

  1. “Jimmy Was A Stimulator”
  2. “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down”
  3. “Mockingbird Girl”
  4. “Opposite Octave Reaction”

Side Four

  1. “Barbarella” – Acoustic Version *
  2. “Lazy Divey” *
  3. “Chateau Mars” *



Track Listing

Available Digitally May 12

1. “Desperation #5”

2. “Barbarella”

3. “About Nothing”

4. “Where's The Man”

5. “Divider”

6. “Cool Kids”

7. “The Date”

8. “Son”

9.  “Jimmy Was A Stimulator”

10. “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down”

11. “Mockingbird Girl”

12. “Opposite Octave Reaction”

13. “Barbarella” – Acoustic Version *

14. “Lazy Divey” *

15. “Chateau Mars” *

16. “Barbarella” – Demo Version *

17. “Desperation #5” – Demo Version *

*previously unreleased


Scott Weiland by Karl Larsen



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