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Two Feet Embodies a Magnetic New Persona on Max Maco Is Dead Right?, His Most Accomplished & Conceptual Album to Date

Two Feet Embodies a Magnetic New Persona on Max Maco Is Dead Right?, His Most Accomplished & Conceptual Album to Date


Watch Max Maco Come to Life in Brand New Music Video for “Flatline”:

Tickets Now Available for Headline Show at California Center for the Arts, May 8th:


Today, Two Feet releases his brand new album Max Maco Is Dead Right?, inviting his tens of millions of listeners into a dark and thrilling underworld of fame, excess and madness. Centered around the sudden rise and demise of a troubled, visionary artist named Max Maco, each song delivers a stirring scene in the saga of its fictional protagonist. The result is Two Feet’s most accomplished, conceptual music to date, as the platinum-selling singer, songwriter and producer steps outside himself - and contends with his own trauma like never before. On the release of Max Maco Is Dead Right?, Two Feet says:

“With Max Maco I'm trying to bring my stage persona to life. The character existed already as someone I would pretend to be when playing on stages in front of thousands of people, it always helped my nerves. Sharing his story has been a crazy experience, it largely wrote itself.”

Listen to Max Maco Is Dead Right? via AWAL: 

Watch the music video for album highlight “Flatline,” where Two Feet stars as a disoriented Max Maco, trying to remember who he is and why he just woke up in the hospital after a six-week bender:

On “Flatline,” Two Feet (real name Bill Dess) channels his adoration for flamenco guitar and says, “‘Flatline’ was inspired after listening to some old Eminem and Dr. Dre beats. I always loved the plucky guitar in those songs and the fact that it was a hip-hop beat but also rock-riff heavy. I wanted to make something like that.”

Two Feet self-produced Max Maco Is Dead Right?, with select co-production from John Feldmann (Blink182, Panic! At The Disco), Geoffrey Hufford and Andrew Luce, but before he made any of the music he crafted a sweeping, 25-page life story outlining the origins of Max Maco. Like a screenwriter, he sketched out beats on sheets of paper he hung across his walls, from the way Maco was abandoned by his father at age 12, to his first kiss, the cashier job he took after high school and the downward spiral he ultimately experienced after stumbling into stardom. In some ways, the tale mirrors Two Feet’s own life - growing up in a single-parent home, trying to become an artist and getting lost along the way. But Two Feet was so committed to embodying the persona that he hired an acting coach, altered his voice and changed his whole look. 

See more of Two Feet as Maco in the music video for “Think I’m Crazy”: 

Since breaking out on 2016's Gold-certified “Go F*ck Yourself,” Two Feet has released a series of confrontational hits, earning 1.5 billion streams, a #1 single on the Billboard Alternative chart and more by defying the structures of traditional pop music. But on Max Maco Is Dead Right?, he embraces his most direct form of storytelling and finds more freedom than ever to explore different sides of his artistry. 

Having toured with Panic! At The Disco and played festivals like Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo and Hangout, Two Feet will make his long-awaited return to live music next month. On May 8th at San Diego’s California Center for the Arts, he and his band will headline their first outdoor, socially-distanced concert of the year. Tickets are now available here

Preview the show with a performance of “Fire” from Max Maco Is Dead Right? 

In addition to his own music, Two Feet has recently appeared on new singles from Sub Urban, SHAED, Gryffin and UPSAHL’s TikTok phenomenon, “Drugs.” In February, he joined forces with crypto artist FEWOCiOUS for an historic auction of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). At the time, the sale of their digital art marked only the third NFT drop to surpass $1 million (in just 24 hours). Stay tuned for additional NFT news and more from Two Feet, coming soon. 


Max Maco Is Dead Right? Track List

Hi I’m Max Maco


Think I’m Crazy


Never Enough

Are You Hanging Off The Balcony 



Blame Me

I Can’t See At All

Time Fades Away


And I Fucked Up (Live)

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