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World-Renowned Concert Pianist Serene Partners with Splice to Bring Her Carbon Fiber Piano to Creators Worldwide

World-Renowned Concert Pianist Serene Partners with Splice to Bring Her Carbon Fiber Piano to Creators Worldwide

Serene’s Splice Explores: Carbon Piano pack is now available to Splice users

Today (1.4), acclaimed concert pianist Serene announces her partnership with music creation platform Splice to release her Splice Explores: Carbon Piano pack. Available to Splice users, the pack of 241 samples and loops features Serene playing the Bogányi Piano -- one of the world's only pianos made out of carbon fiber and one that was custom designed specifically for Serene.

Splice recorded Serene playing in a warehouse outside of New York City with an AEA R88 stereo ribbon microphone as she played, plucked, and hit the one-of-a-kind instrument in order to record every possible aspect and sound. While structurally similar to a traditional layered spruce soundboard, carbon fiber makes the resonating components both stronger and thinner, helping to produce and project beautiful and colorful sounds both far more powerfully, yet far more sensitively, increasing the range of what one artist can express. 

Serene’s improvised playing takes the listener into a new dimension not bound to genre, conventional meter, or any form of limitation. The pack features dozens of production-ready loops in a beautiful collection of high-quality piano, allowing Splice users profound otherworldly musicality and one-of-a-kind access to a truly unique instrument. Learn more about Serene’s Splice Explores: Carbon Piano here, and see the Bogányi Piano in action here

A Carnegie Mellon graduate and a former Google software engineer and researcher, Serene -- whose solo performances have been described by The Paris Review as a “spectacle to match the New York Philharmonic” -- has built an unlikely trajectory for her spiritual approach to music. Across all of her musical endeavors, Serene is focused on bringing futuristic innovations at the intersection of music and technology. Read more about Serene’s transition from Google to international music success via Medium’s Authority Magazine here.


About Serene: 

Concert pianist Serene is one of the most talked-about young talents in classical music, and one of a select number of self-taught pianists to record Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3, which is infamously known as the “Mount Everest of Piano.” Her unique, disciplined, spiritual approach to the piano has grown an international following and she has performed with orchestras across the globe both in the USA, as well as recent European performances with the Concerto Budapest Symphony and the Macedonian Philharmonic. Beyond concertizing, Serene enjoys other collaborations such as her role as composer for Kanye West’s Opera, premiered at Lincoln Center & Art Basel, as well as pianist & technologist with Blue Man Group’s founder, bringing futuristic innovations at the intersection of music and technology while also highlighting her own audiovisual synesthesia. Serene is a Bösendorfer Artist and you can follow her piano adventures at @serenepianist


About Splice:

Splice is cultivating the essential ecosystem for music creation with innovative audio products that inspire and enable artists. With sounds, skills and connected instruments - Splice is meeting the needs of a new generation of musicians and creators, alongside a diverse and trusted library of over 2 million pre-cleared samples. Splice is a global community of producers, innovators and musicians, offering creative solutions for creative challenges. Learn more at

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