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Photo Credit: POND Creative Download
Photo Credit: POND Creative Download
Heatherhead Album Art- Released June 2Download
“Eutropius (Give Me Lies)” + “Hard Times For Heatherhead” Single Art - Released May 3Download
"Waking Moment" Single Art - Released April 18Download
"Dirt Diamond" Single Art - Released March 29Download

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Release date: 6.2.23

Label: Polyvinyl

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June 2, 2023

Generationals Release Heatherhead Album Out Today On Polyvinyl Record Co

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May 3, 2023

Indie Pop Legends Generationals Share “Eutropius (Give Me Lies)” + “Hard Times For Heatherhead”

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April 18, 2023

Indie Pop Legends Generationals Share New Single “Waking Moment”

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March 29, 2023

Indie Pop Duo Generationals Announce 1st Album In Four Years Heatherhead Out June 2 On Polyvinyl 

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Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer knew they had balked before they even got home. In the Fall of 2021, Joyner and Widmer—for a dozen years, the beguiling garage-pop pair known as Generationals—wrapped the second of two sessions in Georgia for a new EP. They’d opted out of their customary collaborative process of long-distance file-sharing to cut songs straight to tape in Athens, a spiritual epicenter for their brand of twinkling tunes. The results sounded great, but they didn’t think their songs were actually that exciting or up to snuff. Why busy everyone else with the rigamarole of releasing a record when they weren’t convinced by it themselves? Joyner and Widmer scrapped the sessions, relieved. The decision, after all, did not represent some existential crisis for Generationals, some what-are-we-doing-here panic; it was, instead, a validation of trusting their process and respective enthusiasms, of releasing great records rather than churning out substandard “content.” Before the veto was final, Joyner and Widmer were working on songs they already knew passed that test.
Heatherhead is the winning result of that restart. Effortless and endearing, as settling as a long hug from an old friend, Heatherhead is not only the best Generationals album yet but also the one that, after all these years, finds Joyner and Widmer at last epitomizing their sound. These 11 songs are no-fuss, no-filler manifestations of Generationals’ bittersweet beauty, of would-be rock anthems made to feel like cozy sweaters. Maybe it’s the way the thick riff of the indelible “Dirt Diamond” frames a vulnerable admission or how the taut rhythm section of “Hard Times for Heatherhead” buoys a smitten plea, but this record at large feels like Joyner and Widmer digging deeper into the juxtapositions that have long made Generationals so compelling—distinct but familiar, wry but warm, soft but pointed. Heatherhead is like the record Joyner and Widmer have been pursuing from the start.



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